Your Mum’s Soultronica Mixtape

I made this shit. Handpicked. Precision selected. Aurally organised. No whacky mix n’ blend bollocks, partially because my turntable skills leave much to be desired, but atleast I can select(ah) like a polyphonic dictator. This bevy comprises of joints under-the-radar over the last 3 years as the sound’s been evolving: serious gems. For greater expansion I suggest you refer to my post prior to this which has some key LP releases (thus songs which are not featured here and vice versa).

This is a free, individual, track-by-track mp3 selection (18 to be precise which should just about fit onto an 80 minute disc) all wrapped up sweetly in a .rar folder. Pinch my cheeks and rub talcum into the batty, I know I’m good to you.

Accept this as a proverbial Soultronica godsend of what thou newbies + zealots alike should be rockin’ in your iPods, your cassette decks, your CD walkmans, your houses, your correctional facilities, your Nissan Micras and your spaceships. Show some modesty you say? Piss off. Listen to this…


My 5 year old half-brother made this cover-art on paint, hol’ tight little man, I owe you royalties.

Click on this for Megaupload Download Link

1. Flying Lotus ft. Andreya Triana – Tea Leaf Dancer
2. Sa-Ra – Second Time Around
3. Jneiro Jarel ft. Rocque Wun – Breathin’
4. Carol Riddick – I Like The Way It Feels
5. Van Hunt – The Lowest 1 Of My Desires
6. Victor Duplaix – In The Middle Of You
7. Peter Hadar – Sleeping Pills
8. Ta’raach & The Lovelutions – Liberation’s Lullabye
9. Kevin Michael – Liquid Lava Love
10. Green Tea – Soul Connection
11. Res – U Know What (Demo)
12. Wayna ft. Muhsinah – Billy Club
13. Erykah Badu – Twinkle
14. Crossrhodes (Raheem DeVaughn + Wes Felton) ft. Sy Smith – 3 Sides
15. Natalie Gardiner – Can’t Quit You Now
16. FLYamSAM (Flying Lotus + SamiYam) – The Offbeat
17. Sam Sparro – Cottonmouth
18. Bilal ft. Sa-Ra – Hollywood

Fantasticunt mixtape rating:

10.5 mums out of 10

[This is a free promotional release- appreciate free shit.]


6 Responses to “Your Mum’s Soultronica Mixtape”

  1. Roberta 'BEE' Flat Says:

    You’ve outdone yourself ‘cunt.

    Absolute favs are, and always will be ‘Soul Connection’, ‘Tea Leaf Dancer’ and ‘Twinkle’…

    BUT the whole Ga’damn thing is BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG!!

    Carol Riddick and Vitker Duplaix…. more?

  2. khy boogie Says:

    nice selection mate… was good to hear soul connection again, heard it on some mixtape and didn’t know who it was by… also u know what by res is pretty nice…

  3. sas Says:

    thank. you. blud

  4. tamarn Says:

    brap brap to u sir!!!!!i want MORE!!!!!

  5. SpeakerBox Says:

    I DO appreciate free shit and I DO appreciate this. Good sir, many a-thanks I send your way.

    Peace, Love & Free’ness!

  6. fantasticunt Says:

    you’re all welcome big sexy fucks, yes.

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