Zo! & Tiggalo – Love The 80s EP

Despite the current rampant fixation with this peculiar decade, after two full listens I’m not quite sure what the point of this uneven record is/was…

I’ve always found Phonte (Little Brother and Foreign Exchange, if you’re a bit slow) an endearing emcee, and his Percy Miracles alter-ego a tolerable troubadour aswell. Here he presents himself under the camp retro guise of Tiggalo: appearance rather Rick James, but vocally Rick James’ backing singer at the most (unless we’re talking The Mary Jane Girls, then scratch that, but you understand me).

Metro Detroit’s Zo! (keyboardist/beatsmith) has produced some exquisite numbers, most recently coming to mind his gorgeous instrumentation for Median’s joint ‘Simile’ last year. Yet on this set you’ll find lackluster reinterpretations of the 80s most heinous pleasures; this is essentially no more than an unsatisfactory novelty work despite the following claim…

“We had fun recording the record, but its not a ‘joke’ album at all,” says Phonte. “We were very serious with everything, from the vocal side, to the production side, to the final mixing and mastering…it was a real painstaking process to recreate it all. [The album includes covers of ] ‘Take On Me’ by A-Ha, ‘Africa’ by Toto, and a new revamped version of ‘Steppin’ Out’ by Joe Jackson…and that’s all I’mma say…”

The Zo! and Tigallo Love the 80’s EP will be available in early July as a limited edition CD. Only 2,500 copies will be pressed, all individually numbered.

“No iTunes, Amazon, or other any digital spots will have it; once we sell out, its gone forever”

My opinion? Perhaps Phonte should stop pissing about and prolonging my 4 year wait for the second Foreign Exchange album ‘Leave It All Behind’ that is supposedly to fall from the skies finally in late Autumn huh maybe?


01. Africa 06:59
02. Take On Me 05:49
03. Steppin’ Out 2008 05:04
04. Something About You 05:22
05. I’m Only Human 06:24
06. Written All Over Your Face 05:51
07. Steppin’ Out 04:03 (Trackademicks Extra Wet Like Stoney Jackson’s Curl Remix)
08. Something About You 04:06 (Nicolay’s Nighty Night Quiet Storm Remix)

My stand-out tracks highlighted in Bold Red above.

Fantasticunt mixtape rating:

5 mums out of 10

Click to bump: Take On Me feat. Carlitta Durand

[If this artist/group deserves your money, click this to buy CD]



8 Responses to “Zo! & Tiggalo – Love The 80s EP”

  1. The Homey Says:

    Clean your ears out; one of the best records of ’08. But I guess you can’t please everyone. Pfft.


  2. Fantasticunt Says:

    my ears fine guv’nor. if they were deficient, i wouldn’t have a music blog with 90+ posts discussing all things auditory.

    in disagreement, i must say it’s a NOVELTY record at most that falls short of the real creativity both the tremendously talented Phonte and Zo are capable of.


  3. The Homey Says:

    Ok, whateva…a blog doesn’t mean anything but, to each his own I guess…

  4. Fantasticunt Says:

    well you’re on mine (and welcome to be). and i’m sure you’ve read + downloaded stuff (some of which you’ve perhaps enjoyed). so it can’t be meaningless.

    so yes, to each his own.

  5. J SAND Says:


  6. datdudeAG Says:

    The album is just plain fun. Nothing ground breaking, just updated a little. The reason why this record was made because it is the music of the hip hop generation. We had the 70’s R&B/funk hits that our parents played and the very different music put on TV with a very different Image. We valued them both. As MTV changed from novelty and innovative groups, and as hip hop grew, we left the “wonder years” of the mtv generation for the music of the people. Hearing this reminds us of the freedom to enjoy music without judgment or criticality on beats or vocal skillz or lyrical content. we sit back and smile like little kids at what pleasure we had in the freedom of 80’s music. I give the album a 10 for taking me back to when music was not an outlet or a release, but it was a place to do the safety dance and laugh at yourself because you new it wasn’t cool or hip it was just fun..Which is what this album is for me.

  7. Jeffrey Taylor Says:

    I know people online hate anytime race is injected into a conversation, but this is like “The WIz” for 80’s hits. I was having a convo with one of my white classmates about 80s hits and our list were TOTALLY different. We gave each other cds of songs that defined the 80s for us, and our cds had completely different songs, but also different moods. I think what he did here was take some songs and interpret them for the black audience. He basically took 80’s pop hits and turned them into R&B. If you don’t really like R&B you’ll think this album is dumb. But that’s because you’re coming in with a preconceived notion about the genre he’s working in.

    Frankly this album is tight. I haven’t met anybody that hasn’t liked it. I think you go this one wrong. but you’re human.

  8. Jeff Garner Says:

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