Olivier Day Soul – Kilowatt [Sampler]

I’ve been sitting on this shit for a hot, cosmic minute.

Washington DC newcomer Olivier Day Soul, that man, is a sexual beast with a lightsabre microphone caught in his paw; he howls with lunatic longing over warped synthesisers like the baroque love-child of P-Funk in its hallucinatory prime and subatomic soul of the nearby future.

The debut album dazzles with fantastic voyages into intergalactic instrumentals and sci-fi songwriting clearly penned in the haze of ODS’ own reverie. Myself I can’t quite testify that Earth girls are easy, but I’ll take the bloke’s word for it from what’s depicted on the record.

The contour that separates Olivier from his peers in the sphere of contemporary Soul is the inspired, rainbow-decorated palette he’s obtained from touring Europe (in particular the UK) and forming alliances with space-age Scot beatsmith Hudson Mohawk- a wise ploy since I’ve proposed before Hud-Mo’s work signifies the future territory of where (that allegedly dead donkey) UK Hip-Hop/’Urban’ needs to travel if it is to transcend this epoch and regain consciousness. I’ve heard the bulk of production here was handled by Planet Mohawk, fashioning a psychedelic progeny of funk, electronica and new wave; their chemistry fuses and throbs throughout the record, especially on the exceptional dancefloor cuts ‘Spaceship’ and ‘Dance’.

For personal/ethical reasons, I’m not going to provide the full download link for the album. Instead, I’ll opt for an alternative system I’ve been planning to incorporate on the blog for some time. It’s simple: I’m going to take my 3 favourite joints from the LP, wrap them up in a pretty likkle .rar folder and upload them for your download gluttony with the successive aim to inspire you to buy the rest of record from one of the many fine retailers it’s currently available at (link down below). Sir Day Soul deserves your dollars and dineros.

Worth purchasing alone just to hear Olivier squeal, “I’m bout to lose my maaaaaaaarbles” on the intro into track 12. Doing wonders for transatlantic relations.

Mediafire Download Link



01. Anytime
02. Soul4u (prod. by Oddisee)
03. Spaceship

04. Bump It
05. Bopgunn (Instrumental)
06. Fantasies
07. Dance
08. Brain
09. Potion no 9
10. Change Her Mind
11. You
12. Watchin
13. Galactic Wifey

My stand-out tracks highlighted in Bold Red above.

Click to bump track 3 here: Spaceship

Fantasticunt album rating:

8 mums out of 10

[If this artist/group deserves your money, click this to buy CD]


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