Your Mum’s Phat Titz July ’08 Edition Mixtape

I don’t intend to win any medals for tact. Fat hits, Phat Titz, oh the wonder of phonetics.

Here’s something novel and astounding that will change your life (all over again). I have all these random mp3s lying around all over the gaff; like nuggets plucked from turds, charms collated from the cesspits of the internet (one love to my sources). And I needed flexibility to bestow them bountifully amongst you starving orphans of cyber-space. So I’ve devised a 20 track selection a month scheme for your elite satisfaction.

Expect untamed, unrestricted, multi-genre, ear-canal adventures on board my narcissistic sense of selectah-ship; could be slightly old shit, rare shit, unreleased shit, random shit, but most often new shit- ultimately rest assured it’s always bangers galore.

These tapes will surely follow suit with ‘Your Mum’s Soultronica Mixtape’ and become the pixie-dust of legend. Usual specifications apply: this is a free, individual, track-by-track mp3 selection all wrapped up pretty in a .rar folder. Just click, download, unzip, then smoke, pop, snort, shoot-up and tin-foil this good shit ya godforsaken junkies…

(This is the July edition, because, well, we didn’t do a July edition. I know it’s the middle of August, but take the damn July edition and await the August edition drop at the end of the month. And so on, and so forth, every month, forever, until we all perish in a natural disaster perpetuated by rebellious machines and robots out for sole control of the Earth. Word to Laurence Fishburne.)

Megaupload Download Link


Rapidshare Download Link


1. Afta-1- Honey Dip
2. Big Boi ft. Mary J. Blige- Something’s Gotta Give
3. Busta Rhymes- I Got Bass
4. Common feat. Pharrell- Announcement
5. Cory Gunz- The Life
6. Flying Lotus ft. Lil’ Wayne- Robo Tussin (A Millie Remix)
7. GZA- Paper Plate
8. Jazmine Sullivan feat. Missy Elliot- I Need You Bad
9. M.O.P. feat. Bilal- Get Rich
10. Mickey Factz feat. Peter Hadar- Another Star
11. Mickey Factz- Incredible
12. Morgan Zarate feat. Eska & Ghostface- Sticks & Stones
13. Oddisee feat. Phonte- All Because She’s Gone
14. Onyx feat. Method Man- Evil Streets (Remix)
15. Q-Tip- Getting Up
16. Rah Digga- Lil’ Fattie
17. Reks- Say Goodnight
18. Rusko- Cockney Thug
19. Ryan Leslie- Break This Down
20. The Cool Kids- Action Figures

Fantasticunt mixtape rating:

1000 mums out of 10

[This is a free promotional release- appreciate free shit.]



4 Responses to “Your Mum’s Phat Titz July ’08 Edition Mixtape”

  1. ShitStorm Says:

    It better be as phat as my moms titz.

  2. announ Says:

    holy shit where did you get that morgan zarate track from? i stumbled upon your blog looking for the brownswood bubblers 3 compilation and downloaded further 20 lp’s. please hand me your address so I can send you an olympic gold medal.
    ps: ‘scuse mah english (uneducated and no native english speaker)

  3. frank Says:

    Pump pump pump pump me upp! it all works…nod…nod….and another nod….whooop whooop!!

  4. fantasticunt Says:

    thank you one and all (gold medals and whatnot!), hope you’re enjoying this shit.

    whoop whoop indeed.

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