Samiyam – Rap Beats Vol. 1

This instrumental selection peeled my eyelids back over my domepiece and had me face the fact that Samiyam is actually a rather incredible Hip-Hop beatsmith.

Now the earliest posted Return EP was very good, yet this in comparison is, well, mighty.

From track 3 onwards I was so ensnared I had to roll up a tiny doobie and boost the skittish ear-engagement that led me to a sore collar (hol’ tight all my neck-snapping sons-of-bitches, we live for this). Whereas a growing number of Sam’s peers are turning slightly adrift in the aural obscurity of glitchy self-indulgence, here we’re yanked back into gutter as if all the space voyaging we’ve been subjected to of late was merely a distraction from the wonders being built back down on the dirt. I mean innovation is key, but I maintain that we should not squander the Soul.

Sam flaunts some fantastically peculiar breaks, daringly chopped and perverted with the underlying electronic audacity (just enough and not too much of it on this finely balanced beat tape) we’ve come to expect of a mushrooming leftcoast futurebeat generation being led by Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer and Ras G amongst a fair few others on the allied international front (Glasgow’s Hudson Mohawke and Amsterdam’s Hayzee, FS Green & Sir OJ not overlooked). We can’t deny there is a new movement here with brass balls not seen since the early days of Def Jux and Stones Throw- start paying attention.

Throughout I felt as if I was listening to an embryonic Madlib beat tape with all the raw, restless cutting, chaotic collages, sullen harmonies and subtly instilled but fundamental groove; the inspiration is clearly there and unafraid to germinate… dare I say this, he may even be the second coming.

If you like your rap beats cold yet relentlessly pushing forward, this shit is like the March of the Penguins. All they need now is a great emcee to breathe the equivalent of an Iraqi bonfire over them…


1. Intro 0:09
2. Super Chronizio Bros. 2 1:09
3. 27 0:52
4. 1984 0:54
5. Flotation Device 0:55
6. Flying Slap 1:23
7. Ghost Ride The Bike (Pull Up Hop Out) 1:38
8. It’s Important 0:54
9. Lookin’ 1:14
10. Mental Violence 1:14
11. One Love 1:26
12. Polkabot 1:18
13. Quesadilla 1:20
14. Toad Rage 1:38
15. Segue 1:25
16. Snake Cola 1:14
17. Wrap Up 1:24
18. Carnival Food 1:39
19. Cloudy 1:29
20. Rooftop 1:46
21. Sideways 1:30
22. Sunrise 1:40
23. Untitled Track 1:10
24. Untitled Track 1:41

Click to bump track 3 here: 23

Fantasticunt beat tape rating:

9 mums out of 10

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3 Responses to “Samiyam – Rap Beats Vol. 1”

  1. 3ardrumm3r Says:

    Thanks for pointing me to this crazy banger. I should have my wax copy of “Return EP” in the mail today.

    The sample used in track 23 very much reminds of the sample in El-Iqaa’s “Doctor Crush” from his album “Detro!t Be!rut.” You gotta check out that joint. Very oriental. I bet you’ll enjoy it.
    Here’s a free download offered by the man himself…
    And here’s a little write-up by yours truly…

  2. rap Says:

    no bad…

  3. chuck Says:

    I love this website, the information is great and I have bookmarked it in my favorites. This is a well organized and informative website. Great Job!

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