Stacy Epps – Ruff Draft (2007)

Whilst I am impatiently still awaiting acquisition of prog-soul songtress Stacy Epps new LP ‘The Awakening’, with Dilla, Lib and even Jneiro Jarel alias Dr. WhoDat on the boards I’ll gladly make do with THIS dunny…


01. Blessing (Prod. Apex)
02. Skin Play ft. Madlib (Prod. J-Dilla)
03. 222 (Hit Me) ft. Muhsinah
04. Arms ft. Bilal Salaam (Prod. Madlib)
05. Loose Change (Prod. Pudgemcee)
06. Down Falling (Prod. Madlib)
07. Rhyme Cycle ft. Panama Black, Doodlebug, & Jawwaad (Prod. Dr. WhoDat)
08. Smoky Mirrors (Prod. Apex)
09. Muthaland (Prod. Madlib)
10. Miuzik (Prod. Stacy Epps)
11. Peace (Prod. Apex)

My stand-out tracks highlighted in Bold Red above.

Video: Arms

Fantasticunt LP rating:

7.5 mums out of 10

[If this artist/group deserves your money, click this to buy CD]

3 Responses to “Stacy Epps – Ruff Draft (2007)”

  1. phiritill Says:

    u made my day man
    looking forward to see stacy live today together with bahamadia & roxanne shante.
    one of the few moments to be happy to live in germany 🙂

  2. fantasticunt Says:

    hol’ tight Bundesrepublik Deutschland!

    i’m coming to Munich one day soon, blaow.

  3. ieatcuntalldayforlunch Says:

    Some of these tracks are waaaaay too busy..

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