Your Mum’s Phat Titz August ‘08 Edition Mixtape


Tough bleedin’ month, I’ve been forced to ante up but I couldn’t cut that fool, expanding the formerly 20-track selection all the way to an epic 31 tracks. And 31 is conservative since I’d accrued a hoard of 50+ stupendous songs for you this August and counting as of 8am this mornings (new Guilty Simpson/Eric Lau, MF Doom & Hudson Mohawke jawns in the pocket but too late for the tape, unless I get some light begging in the comments you’ll have to wait till next month disciples). Condensation is a bitch.

Audio bombardment has become unavoidable in the digital age so I strongly believe there needs to be protocol in the listening experience: one must take time to let the sounds absorb. So take 31, value them like your first popped cherry all over again, and come again.

And I quote previous paragraphs…

Expect untamed, unrestricted, multi-genre, ear-canal adventures on board my narcissistic sense of selectah-ship; I might throw in a little old shit, rare shit, unreleased shit, random shit, but mostly new + exclusive shit– ultimately rest assured it’s always bangers galore.

Usual specifications apply: this is a free, individual, track-by-track mp3 selection all wrapped up pretty in a .rar folder. Just click, download, unzip…

One love + respect to all original sources & connects.

P.S. According to my forseeable schedules, new Common, Murs & Madlib LPs dropping this September. Your Mum, she’s major.

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1. 88 Keys feat. Kanye West – Stay Up (Viagra)
2. Ahu – I Know All The Bitches (Bullion Remix)
3. Asher Roth- I Love College
4. Bishop Lamont – Feel On It
5. Blu & Mainframe – Disco D.Y.N.A.M.I.T.E.
6. Burial – Unite
7. Busta Rhymes – Packin’ Them Things (Prod. by Kev Brown)
8. Che Grand – Usain Bolt Rap Demo Shit
9. Hudson Mohawke – ZooO00oO0m
10. Janet Jackson – Would You Mind
11. Jason Mraz feat. Cobie Caillat – Lucky
12. Jazmine Sullivan – Backstabbers
13. Jessica Tonder feat. Proton – The Bee
14. Keri Hilson – Slow Dance
15. Ludacris – Politics As Usual
16. Madlib feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow – The Plan
17. Mr. Oizo – Bruce Willis Is Dead
18. Murs – Me & This Jawn
19. Now On – Tomorrow Already
20. Raphael Saadiq – Oh Girl
21. Scarface – High Powered
22. Steve Spacek – Days Of My Life
23. T.I. ft. Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne & Kanye West- SLU (Swagger Like Us)
24. Termanology – Talking To God Part 2
25. The Cool Kids – Delivery Man
26. The Game feat. Common- Angel (Prod. by Kanye West)
27. These New Puritans- Elvis
28. Tweet – Hey Baby
29. Vandalyzm – Get Dough (Prod. by Flying Lotus)
30. X.O. feat. Wale – Rid’n
31. Yo Majesty – Break Bread

Your Mum’s shit right now:

Video: The Game ft. Common – Angel (Prod. by Kanye West)

Fantasticunt mixtape rating:

2,589 mums out of 10

[This is a free promotional release- appreciate free shit.]



14 Responses to “Your Mum’s Phat Titz August ‘08 Edition Mixtape”

  1. Put Me On It Says:


  2. fantasticunt Says:

    your approval in particular is always paramount to i.


  3. frank Says:

    Quality once again…keep on keepin’ on…MASSIVE!

  4. frank Says:

    Looks like on the link it’s July’s one not August…..

  5. fantasticunt Says:

    ah, my bad.

    the Megaupload link was July’s tape but the Rapidshare was correct with August’s tape.

    Megaupload link for August’s tape now fixed.

    thanks for pointing that out, coulda’ been catastrophic.

  6. frank Says:

    Schweeet….got it now, headz up all important..cheers and that…

  7. oilswell Says:

    Solid mix man… You say you got some new MF DOom there????
    Keep up the good work.

  8. Chima Anya Says:

    dude literally almost every single track on there had me on a crazy tip researching all these artists SICK SHIT much love

  9. Your Mum’s Phat Titz August ‘08 Edition Mixtape « PinBoard Says:

    […] down and so updates won’t exactly be…fluid. SO, I thought I’d throw my good homie Fantasticunt’s August 08 mixtape up for you to get yourself hooked up a lil’. Now, most of these tracks you […]

  10. Gidrah Says:

    Good mixtape.

    And I am begging you for that new MF DOOM joint 😀

  11. fantasticunt Says:

    all are blessed homeslice. thanks for the love one n’ all.

    this has been out a few days, still, here it is:

    Jake One ft. MF Doom – Trap Door

    Jake straight producing, Doom straight spitting, real live shit. from the forthcoming Jake One LP dropping late September (Your Mum shall provide soon).

  12. Gidrah Says:

    Nice one. I’ll be checking out his LP.

    Where does that song of Vandalyzm comes from? The beat is Sick, Fly Lo is sicker everytime.

  13. A to the L Says:

    How the hell have I ONLY just discovered this blog… props on this compilation – some supernice tracks on here. Keep up the spiffy work.

  14. Raphael Saadiq feat. Jay-Z- Oh Girl (Remix) « I Bootlegged Your Mum Says:

    […] realise this song (available on this) was already an instant classical classic […]

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