DJ Chris Read – The Diary

Posted for sheer perseverance alone. Keeping the art of turntabilism alive. No sweatin’ techniques.

A long time in the making and much talked about, “The Diary” (World’s Greatest Rap Megamix) is finally here;  a chronological mix of the genre’s landmark recordings by order of release from 1979-2007.  801 records in the blend!

Yes, that’s 801 relentless classics, spanning 1979 to 2007, chronologically steel wheeled, in under 77 minutes. It’s nothing short of historical. Then again, if this isn’t part of your history- it’s nothing less than educational.

Epic achievement. Hol’ tight the colossus DJ Chris Read for reachin’ out.

Direct Download Link (Right Click & Save)

Full Tracklist Booklet Link (PDF Format)


Fantasticunt mix rating:

9 mums out of 10

[This is a free promotional release- appreciate free shit.]



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