Pacewon & Mr. Green – The Only Color That Matters Is Green

Cease frontin’ on Pacewon: surely one of the most overlooked underground cats out the D for more than a decade.

Is it too early to say ‘Children Song’ is goin’ on a wee bit classic?

Hol’ tight all my Outsidaz worldwide.


1. Four Quarters
2. Children Sing

3. The Eye Of The Needle
4. I Need Money
5. Let a Shot Go
6. Who I Am
7. Hip Hop
8. Childhood (feat. Cymarshall Law / Mary Lou / Kosha Dillz)
9. So Straight
10. Won on Won
11. She Can Be So Cold
12. The Joker

My stand-out tracks highlighted in Bold Red above.

Video: Children Song

Fantasticunt LP rating:

7 mums out of 10

[If this artist/group deserves your money, click this to buy CD]



3 Responses to “Pacewon & Mr. Green – The Only Color That Matters Is Green”

  1. Mr. Green Says:

    This is Mr. Green.. take the album down immediately..

    if you are a true hip hop fan,
    you can buy it at:”

    (DON’T BOOTLEG):,, (for EUROPE),,,,, (SWISS STORE),,,,
    and more…

  2. Fantasticunt Says:

    what are you talking about? there’s NO download link whatsoever up for your album on my blog or in this post.

    i think you should retract your comment. that’s no way to go about doing things, we have an e-mail address that could have contacted directly if you had an issue, show some courtesy. especially when your shit gets a good rating.


  3. Mr. Green Says:

    Where it says “Tags ‘Download'”
    it looks very much like a link to
    download the album..

    If the album was never up
    on this site for free download..
    I apologize for statement


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