Daru & Reggie B – Future Music

I’m suddenly a tad addicted to this LP; three mornings I’ve lay in bed and let it run dawn through daylight.

You may remember my palpable championing of Detroit beat-buster Daru (former drummer for Slum Village and Dwele tours; now a pad-pounding production powerhouse drawn into his element) right here. Now he’s combined Caltroit forces with rising Cali singer/songwriter Reggie B (quite the Purple disciple with that recurrent lusty rasp creeping in every so often) to run the train on your cotton-wool arse.

This be that full-bodied, nod factor, basement bounce, Hip-Hop Soul music with oscillating two-bar breaks, sparse loops that verge on thunderous, and a pinch of groove throbbing electrolysis to marry to that which is readily raw.

Daru is dangerous.

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01. It’s Not A Game
02. Future Music
03. I Was Wrong
04. Play House
05. Stay Free
06. Anywhere You Go
07. A Ways To Go
08. Juni’s Revenge
09. Cry No More
10. Good Love
11. Juni’s Revenge (Part 2)
12. Future Music (Gerd Edit) (Bonus Track)

My stand-out tracks highlighted in Bold Red above.

Video: Good Love

Fantasticunt LP rating:

8.5 mums out of 10

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2 Responses to “Daru & Reggie B – Future Music”

  1. Reggie B Says:

    Hey I produced on this album to ya know!!! Future Music? Thats all me playa!!! Its not a Game? All Me and I played keys and added production as well on several songs.

  2. Fantasticunt Says:

    sorry fam, given the name of the album ‘Daru & Reggie B’ i think anyone would easily be mistaken to assume that Daru was on boards (being known as a producer) and you were in the booth (being known as a performer).

    still i appreciate it’s never that clear-cut down the middle and i’m sure duties were shared now that you’ve brought that to my attention. regardless it’s an amazing album, one of my favourites of the year and i’ve put alot of heads onto Future Music, aswell as raising a few new fans for both of you chaps. so don’t worry, my mini-review can’t be that damaging.

    respect Mr. Reggie B.

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