Jesse Boykins III – Dopamine: My Life On My Back

What are you having sex to tonight? Mind if I make a recommendation?

While we’re busy waiting for D’Angelo (a musical hero/martyr of mine) to put the coca plant down and apply fingers to Fender- I suggest you all observe the ascension of 23 year old Brooklyn/Chi-Town’s gifted Jesse Boykins III. His debut EP, an ode to the chemical that makes one fall in love or form addictions, was entirely written, produced, engineered and mixed by the 5-octave ranged prodigy (who despite his age, wearing canerows and being confined to the Contemporary R&B categorisation for it, is as far from Lloyd as is Boris Yeltsin).

There’s a rich, hazy-dream, Neo-Soul aura reminiscent here of Raheem DeVaughn and Dwele’s early work and I adore how the lax trumpet weaves in and out of tracks. I bugged out and started making lecherous, erotic mouth contortions when I first heard ‘Sobriety’ five months ago; I also found relation to the visceral, poetic quality of the songwriting that’s as tender as the last sensuous touch to plague the mind after a heartbreak.

My homegirl Rah informs me exclusively Jesse’s debut album ‘Fake It Till U Make It’ is dropping shortly and he’ll be performing live dates in the UK to promote the release some time in the Autumn.

Right now, I sense this kid got next.

[Link Deleted by Request From Copyright Holder]

The Sea
[Link Deleted by Request From Copyright Holder]

[Link Deleted by Request From Copyright Holder]


1. My Life On My Backft. James W.A.T.T.S.
2. Tabloids
3. Sounds Like Love
4. Baby “I Don’t Know”
5. The Sea
6. Sobriety

7. Think
8. All (Outro)

My stand-out tracks highlighted in Bold Red above.

Video: Tabloids

Fantasticunt EP rating:

8 mums out of 10

[Artist’s Material Available To Buy Via This Link]


5 Responses to “Jesse Boykins III – Dopamine: My Life On My Back”

  1. Speeakz Says:

    She thanks you for this. Bless.

  2. Roberta 'BEE' Flat Says:

    Jeeez… I like this guy! Keep me posted.

  3. eroticanews Says:

    Yes …. She led me into raptures. Feel deeply human approach to understand the problem. The author of many thanks. She touched me.

  4. Pookie Panther Says:

    He is not from Chicago. He’s from Miami.

  5. Rvzyrxhf Says:

    WSxQO6 comment1 ,

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