Your Mum’s Phat Titz September ‘08 Edition Mixtape PART 2

If there’s one thing my Pops taught me, it’s virtue in variety. Not sure that was a hint if I choose to become a bigamist I have his blessing, but musically I gladly indulge in everything- uninhibited- it makes my core richer. So, come get some.

Content loyalists, you know what to expect from Fantasticunt’s mixtapes by now: underground, overground, outerspace.

Click, download, unzip, bump, wig out, research the artists you’re feeling, tell ya mans dem/gally dem/all dem.

And in regards to all the prior fuckery this week, I’m staying resilient and trying a new system whereby I only source 2 or 3 tracks per set for my readers benefit (it’s the best I can do). Thank you for all the e-mails, they keeps me as equally inspired as the sounds comin’ out one’s speaker.

One love and respect to any original mp3 sources + connects.

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1. 2tall feat. Kashmere – The Most High
2. Che Grand – City On Fire
3. Ciara feat. Missy Elliot – Work
4. Devin The Dude – Can’t Make It Home
5. DJ Mujava – Township Funk
6. Erik L feat. Stray & Kissey Asplund – Get Myself Together
7. Erykah Badu – Real Thang (Muhsinah Boozina Remix)
8. Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins – Shine On (Prod. by Black Milk)
9. Illa J feat. Guilty Simpson – R U Listenin’ (Prod. by J-Dilla)
10. Invincible – Sledgehammer
11. Liquid Spirit feat. Leon Ware- Melodies
12. Low Limit – Crystle Casios
13. M.I.A. – Hit That (Prod. by Bangladesh)
14. MeLo X – And I Know (Treat Her Right)
15. Nosaj Thing – 1685
16. Now On feat. Aloe Blacc – I’m Sayin’ (14KT Lab-Techs Remix)
17. Q-Tip feat. D’Angelo – I Believe
18. Scarface feat. Lil’ Wayne & Bun B – Forgot About Me
19. Sene – Gimmie Room
20. Shin-Ski – A Night At Sydney
21. The Are feat. Raphael Saadiq – Love That Chop
22. The Cock N’ Bull Kid- On My Own
23. The Streets – Never Give In
24. Tiron – Quitter
25. Trek Life & Oddisee – Get High
26. Zomby – The Lie

Your Mum’s shit right now:

Video: DJ Mujava – Township Funk

Fantasticunt mixtape rating:

20,683 mums out of 10

[This is a free promotional release- appreciate free shit.]



3 Responses to “Your Mum’s Phat Titz September ‘08 Edition Mixtape PART 2”

  1. Mystic VoyagE Says:

    phew! u had me worried! another over-bangin mixtape! king you back!

  2. airtight Says:

    thanks for addin my joint to your mixtape! you need anything just hit me up.

  3. Fantasticunt Says:

    whaddup Che Grand. you’re doing it large-styles right now.

    i put your Usain Bolt Rap Demo Shit on my last month’s mixtape. both that and City On Fire are hot, i like these tropical beats you’re fuckin’ with.

    oh and that Airtight Ninja over the Class of 3000 beat is up on the blog somewhere aswell.

    stay up. keep bringing me heat so i can post it. peace.

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