Madlib The Beat Konducta – WLIB AM King Of The Wigflip

And what a buckshot way to ring in my 100th post.

If you’re a head, you’ll understand the importance of this release. Madlib is one of the greatest producers in Hip-Hop, ever, ‘period’. A legitimate genius who dedicates his every waking hour to the creation of noise.

This is his long-anticipated opus for BBE’s ‘Beat Generation’ series (following suit to Jay Dee’s legendary producer-driven-emcee-ridden BBE addition ‘Welcome To Detroit’ in 2001).

Yes, it is yet another Mind Altering Demented Lessons In Beats. The rawness is irrepressible, with such a devil-may-care clutter of sound puzzles, tropical psychosis, shermed out bass, Blaxploitation-lifted grooves, eccentric anomalies, coarse vinyl crackles and hard hits that indicates no crate has been left unturned or MPC left functional. No one so sadistically mutilates and leaves a break’s entrails all over the track like Otis Jackson Jr.

Though a part of me still feels it’s not his most arresting work (am I the only one who’s disappointed by the unconvincing Murs collabo?), between track 8 and 16 it does feels like warp-dimensional classic territory. It’s just I think Lib is exemplary of Hip-Hop without restraint (recently resulting in an offspring of amazing new age Dilla/Madlib inspired producers), and he could of taken it to that next level in a way even his most devoted followers wouldn’t expect (regardless of Stones Throw labelling this as “his most straightforward neck-snapping Hip-Hop album to date”). Hypnotic Lib (as with Erykah Badu’s breathtaking ‘The Healer’ earlier this year) has always been my favourite style of Lib.

Still I do wanna get all hyper-masculine and slap a sissy every time I hear boisterous Guilty on ‘Go’ spitting “Oh you high now? I laugh at that/ I must be on Punk’d, where Ashton at?”

And ‘Drink Up’ is all of you lots new two-steppin’ dance song.

Out 30th of September, you can pre-order through Stones Throw or the Play UK link i’ve provided at the bottom of the post.

Heat/Smoke Break/The Plain (Reprise)
Mediafire Download Link

Yo Yo Affair Part 1 & 2
Mediafire Download Link

Drink Up feat. Frank & Dank
Mediafire Download Link



1. The New Resident 1:33
2. Blow The Horns On’em Feat. Guilty Simpson 2:32
3. The Plan Pt.1 / Tension 2:37
4. Gamble On Ya Boy Feat. Defari 4:37
5. The OX 805 Feat. MED & Poke 2:57
6. Blindfold Test #10 (He Don’t Play) Feat. J-Rocc 3:54
7. The Thang Thang Feat. Prince Po 3:00
8. Heat / Smoke Break / The Plan (Reprise) 3:57
9. Life Feat. Karriem Riggins 1:32
10. Parklight 1:44
11. Yo Yo Affair Pt. 1 & 2 4:01
12. I Want It Back Feat. Oh No 2:54
13. Disco Dance 1:51
14. What It Do Feat Talib Kweli 3:36
15. Drink Up Feat. Frank & Dank 2:48

16. The Way That I Live Feat. Stacy Epps 4:10
17. Rat Race Feat. Murs 2:05
18. Go Feat. Guilty Simpson 3:07
19. Stop 1:10

My stand-out tracks highlighted in Bold Red above.

Video: What It Do feat. Talib Kweli

Fantasticunt LP rating:

7.5 mums out of 10

[Artist’s Material Available To Buy Via This Link]


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