Kissey Asplund – Silverlake

Adorable Miss. Asplund is one of my breakthrough artists of 2008 with her futuristic Soul debut ‘Plethora’ (shouts to my duke DJ Cavalry for puttin’ me on that earlier this year, and all the heads I had hooked on it consequential to that). Not sure why I have to keep repeating, “don’t sleep on the Swedes”.

The new single ‘Silverlake’ and it’s B-side ‘Snowfall’ are produced by Dorian Concept (with artwork from Piet Parra) exclusively for Nike’s AM90 launch campaign, and they’re both quite simply spellbinding. It excites me to hear artists challenging the status quo as Kissey does. It’s like the rebirth of Trip-Hop’s most intoxicating aspects.

Respects to Nike for having the balls (product placement pun intended) to put this ill sista on. It’s a wise move if they’re looking to tap into a market of progressive music-orientated fashionistas.

Drops today Oct 22nd as a limited 12″ vinyl, and digitally November 3rd.

Props to Kyri at R2 Records and Chris Philips at Choice FM.

Mediafire Download Link

Mediafire Download Link


And the ‘Silverlink’ video shot intimately (nice toes) in Stockholm, you may peep it here:

[heavy video=0bcda6d7a45f00a83d1eb45c6a352e39&]

2 Responses to “Kissey Asplund – Silverlake”

  1. ixam Says:

    Loving everything Dorian Concept does at the moment and Asplund’s voice is a perfect addition.

  2. AM90 Presents Kissey Asplund in Stockholm « I Bootlegged Your Mum Says:

    […] Both the stunning ‘Silverlake’ and sombre ‘Snowfall’ are available to download by clicking —> here. […]

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