Stacy Epps – The Awakening


Spacey Stacey delivered.

She really, really, delivered. The way Epps aerially veers between spiritualist vocalism, outer-body poetics, convulsing grooves and a paranormal beat cavity with boom-bap for a terrestrial heartbeat (with Apex, Amdex, Flying Lotus, S1, Muhsinah, Everett James, Nick Speed and Slugabed all behind the boards). Avant Garde Soul comes a step closer to it’s requiem for a future.

‘Floatin’ is already one of the top 5 songs of the year, if I find a single person contradicting that I’ll stab their brain with their nose-bone like Ballerina P. The rest of the album is now joining the higher tier of my (obsessive compulsive) mental ranking system.

It’s no secret why Lib runs with this girl- she’s on a higher plain.

“Passin’ clouds passin’ you passin’ me by,
Passionately we can be so high,
Heavens are over the sea,
Gravity can’t hold us down, baby…”

The Awakening
Mediafire Download Link

Mediafire Download Link



1. Eppisode (Prod. by Slugabed)
2. The Awakening
3. OM (Prod. by Muhsinah)
4. Addicted (Prod. by Amdex)
5. Heaven (Prod. by S1)
6. Cosmik Dust (Prod. by Flying Lotus)
7. Floatin
8. Floatin (reprise)
9. Who Knows (Prod. by Nick Speed)
10. Mothership
11. 00:00

My favourite tracks highlighted in Bold Red above.

Video: Floatin’

Fantasticunt LP rating:

8.5 mums out of 10

[Artist’s Material Available To Buy Via This Link]


9 Responses to “Stacy Epps – The Awakening”

  1. kozz Says:

    her whining (not singing) is very limited in it’s appeal.

  2. Fantasticunt Says:

    i think that’s harsh, but it’s always good to have alternative criticism.

    in my opinion, her vocals suit the ambience of the sound she’s moulded around her mystique. she doesn’t need the fiber of a gospel singer to make the Prog. Soul sound work. Prog. Soul has it’s own characteristics, some of which you can trace back to a style of vocal used in Trip-Hop in the 90s. it creates a haunting atmosphere.

    plus she’s more than just a set of pipes. she’s a multifaceted woman (writing, singing, emceeing, producing) with direction. i’d take that over any clueless, bellowing American Idol winner any day.

  3. o66s Says:

    Do u have a link for the whole album?

  4. Fantasticunt Says:

    no i’m sorry, we don’t go down that route anymore, legal issues.

  5. o66s Says:


  6. o66s Says:

    Floatin’ is definitely one of the hottest songs I’ve heard this year.

  7. JB Yo Says:

    i love stacey epps. she is super talented. she sings, writes and raps (ive seen her live at mau mau and she rocked it) as well running her own label and doing everything from promotion to the album artwork herself…

    just wanted to say – u can buy the album for a fiver from her myspace page so support honestly priced independent shit if youre feeling it…

    plus.. she is buff…

  8. Fantasticunt Says:

    as much as i agree with the points you’ve raised, i’m also relieved you dropped that last line in (just so i could add my tuppence)…

    …she’s ridiculously attractive.

  9. DJ Haeckmatic Says:

    Hot pipes… Definitely for a more advanced ear. Very talented artist all around, heard her live and my chin hit the floor. Don’t sleep.

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