Chima Anya – King Of The Swingers (Jungle VIP) [Prod. by Hudson Mohawke]

Another world exclusive (smugly gettin’ used to these).

In his own words, “Hip-Hop has evolved. I grew a beard for this shit.”

Rising London emcee Chima Anya (of duo GTA) shot me over his cocky bars-for-bar assault over a barnstorming Hud-Mo heater. Official son. Pure hot rocks.

From Chima’s forthcoming mixtape joyfully titled ‘Everything’s Shit’, dropping(s) soon enough.

And would you believe that by day Chima’s in the medical profession? Ha, the secret lives of rappers. Hol’ tight Doc, pimp nurses and push that penicillin.

King Of The Swingers (Jungle VIP)
Mediafire Download Link



12 Responses to “Chima Anya – King Of The Swingers (Jungle VIP) [Prod. by Hudson Mohawke]”

  1. AK Says:

    Been waiting for this, a competent MC to smash up some hud-mo shit – this could be what pushes him into the mainstream – this tune sounds like Godzilla vs King Kong!!!!!

  2. Fantasticunt Says:


    i think a fair few emcees are apprehensive to go over future-beats, like Mohawke’s, they’re so over-powering.

    but Chima holds his own, i love that rugged, drawn-out flow he’s got.

    it’s definitely about time more cats started doing these incredible instrumentals (that man like Fly-Lo, Hud-Mo, Samiyam and others seem to be making in their sleep) justice and began creating some ill next level Hip-Hop LPs.

  3. Mr FX Says:

    YO Chima this tune is phat great vibes and big dog N-R-G on king of the swingers jngle vip great hook yeah man keep up the good work who the hell built this sounds like my head is gonna fall off the neck bone from nodding lol peace out FX

  4. Mr T Says:

    This guys keeps doin’ it and doin’ it! the unstoppable force!

    Everythin’ he dus keeps gettin better and better! MC of the new age!

    Let it all out dude! let t flow! let the funk flow out of ya! Mean machine!

    Keep bopsin out the beats and lyrics G!


  5. Shears Says:

    This is nuts…

  6. ab0181 Says:

    this beat is like 4 years old.
    still fire tho!

  7. Fantasticunt Says:

    4? nah, a year old maybe. i realise it’s track 4 on Hud Mo’s 2007 ‘Heaters’ beat tape.

  8. Boris the Blade Says:

    sick beat, good to hear Chima spittin over somethin like this! nice flow, bare energy, and nuff jokes!

  9. grande Says:

    That beat is nuts and Chima kills it, big in the blog game Chima, it’s an internet takeover!

  10. Pinkie Says:

    swagger off the meter – i had this shit on repeat for the last 30 mins lol dope shit

  11. qaz Says:


  12. stee-v Says:

    link seems to be down and i still cant find this anywhere else. can anyone reup?

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