U-N-I + Film School Rejekts Double Drop

2 dope joints just dropped over at 2 Dope Boyz and warranted immediate post (plus the end of the month mixtape to be unleashed in 7 days is already 30 stonkin’ tracks full and it’s giving me a selectah-migraine).

First ‘Beautiful Day’, then ‘Castlevania’ and now a third outstanding U-N-I jawn to drop, chaps are on a roll & I say bollocks to this daft notion of “All Hipster-Hop Is Homo” fabricated by e-thugs and aged puritans (you’re worse than Republicans). The jeans don’t make the music. Dope and whack in every sub-culture. But just listen to the snare they kick it with…

U-N-I – Yesterday
Mediafire Download Link


Honestly, I’ve never heard of these cats, but 1. That’s how the net viral spiral starts. 2. No traces of Mel B or Geri Halliwell rapping on it. 3. Great beat, cold rhymes n’ flows. 4. I sorta study film and have idle dreams of becoming a film-maker. So ya know. Fitting.

Film School Rejekts – Wannabe
Mediafire Download Link



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