I’ve Just Realised That…

…because of the (minutely) confusing layout, some of you haven’t noticed a new mixtape for the first third of the new month has been posted up just below. Over 800 people still checking every day for an update (my gratitude still) might wanna look a teeny weeny bit harder.

Read just below to make sense. Shall be a frequent occurence.

October, Part 1 (more coming indefinitely until I die), do download for enrichment, and don’t be silly.



4 Responses to “I’ve Just Realised That…”

  1. Brother Man, Brother Man Says:

    Oh I saw it. I just didn’t wana download it.

    I’m all about the hate.

  2. Fantasticunt Says:

    LOL. Yusuf, stop leaving bad publicity you arsehole.

  3. Jay Says:

    fuck that, give us new music! 😉

  4. Fantasticunt Says:

    haha, the faithful are turning against The Cunt.

    you’ll have to bare with me, there’s only so much i can do due to certain legalities constricting my blog.

    hol’ tight though, another new mixtape coming in shortly.

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