Your Mum’s Phat Titz OCTOBER ‘08 Edition Mixtape PART 2

I casually quote myself:

One love and respect as always to sources + connects (regular rotationalists as SoulBeautiful, Nah Right, 2 Dope Boyz, Blind I, Fresh Selects, Moovment & Universoul amongst many hardworking others).

Thanks also to those e-mailing in exclusives to me personally at, sincere thanks for your viral smarts, I’ve got alot of DJs and tastemakers locked onto my blog picking shit for their shows across the world. Oh and not forgetting the A&Rs, apparently they rock with Your Mum too…

But then again I do this shit in my sleep.

> Click To Cop Here <<<<—- Re-Upped!


> Click To Cop Here <<<<—- Re-Upped!


Tracklisting In Alphabetical Order As Always:
1. 9th Wonder & Pete Rock feat. Kev Brown – Always
2. 50 Cent – Get Up
3. Black Spade – Actioneer (Wajeed Remix)
4. Charles Hamilton – Lacey Duvalle <— Finally, an ode to my favourite porn star. Thumbs up Charles.
5. Christian Rich – The Shit
6. Clara Hill Meets Vikter Duplaix – Paper Chase
7. Coki – Spongebob
8. Dilated Peoples – The Last Is First (Prod. by The Alchemist)
9. Eternia feat. Torae & Ms. Davis – Nowhere No More (Prod. by 9th Wonder)
10. Jamie Lidell – Little Bit of Feel Good
11. Jammer feat. Badness – The Message
12. Jazzanova feat. Phonte – Look What You’re Doin’ To Me
13. Jazmine Sullivan – Lions, Tigers & Bears
14. Kanye West – H’less
15. Katalyst feat. Stephanie McKay – Say What You Feel
16. Madlib – Suffer (Concentration)
17. Miguel – Strawberry Amazing
18. Mr. Oizo feat. Uffie – Steroids
19. N.E.R.D. – What’s Wrong With Me
20. Nametag – Pipe Down (Prod. by Black Milk)
21. Petey Pablo feat. Timbaland – Ringtone (Prod. by Timbaland)
22. Proton – Laptop
23. Ras G – Overcast 78 Beat
24. Royce Da 5’9 – Shake This (Prod. by DJ Premier)
25. Simply Cherry feat. Tone Trezure – Favor Part 2 (Prod. by Daru)
26. Spectac & 9th Wonder – Mama Say (Midimarc Remix)
27. Statik Selectah feat. Little Brother, Joe Scudda & Chaundon – On The Marquee
28. The Luv Bugz – Guadalupe
29. U-N-I feat. Evidence, Big Pooh, Aloe Blacc, Fashawn, Mickey Factz, Theo & Kes Kaos – Beautiful Day (Remix).mp3
30. Vampire Weekend – Ottoman

Your Mum’s shit right now:

Video: Statik Selektah feat. Little Brother, Joe Scudda & Chaundon – On The Marquee

Fantasticunt mixtape rating:

83,574 mums out of 10

[This is a free promotional release- appreciate free shit.]


14 Responses to “Your Mum’s Phat Titz OCTOBER ‘08 Edition Mixtape PART 2”

  1. J Bassary Says:

    Yes fam, hope you are good.

    eagerly awaiting the new drop. line up is juicy.

    i was bumping your mum in the car today – some tracks from a few mixtapes back notably the aaliyah refix sounded niceness out loud. where can i find more of this sound? do you have a stash kicking around?


  2. leppard Says:

    can not wait!

  3. Fantasticunt Says:

    Bassary my dude, you know i got that shit.

    That Aaliyah refix is international-Grime bonkerage (Lunice is outta Canada or suttin’ i think). Don’t worry, i’ll hook you up with some more.

  4. J Bassary Says:

    fave cuts on the new tape ppl?

    my fave cuts are def the jazzanova and u-n-i ones.

  5. El B. Sure Says:

    i’m really feeling that u-n-i joint, jazzanova is dope as usual, dilated peoples were tight. but, what surprised me was curtis jackson… 50 cent making a joint i like? this hasn’t happened since the outta control remix, and even that one was iffy. props to your mum for that one. diversifying my auditory experience. i’ll never be able to listen to the radio again, unless that shits tuned to smooth jazz. thanks a lot man, i had to go buy a new car radio to have an ipod connection in my car. got me spending money and shit…

  6. Cleetus Says:

    Aww man, the links are down. (Or is it just that I’m from Europe?) Can you please fix that? Thanksalot.

  7. Omayra Says:

    The links *are* down for the Oct mix Part II.

    I live in the US, and I couldn’t get megadownload to work for me just now, the other link site has never worked for me in the past.

    much love and jah bless

  8. Fantasticunt Says:

    shiiit. ya see? ya see??! the motherfuckers are at it again, lockin’ my links off. i bet you all any money it was ‘cos of the Yeezy joint (track 14). arseholes.

    i’m gonna give tonight a rest and re-up it later tomorrow, it may be a safer bet.

    hol’ tight everyone, clandestine operation in effect.

  9. dame Says:

    yeah a re up would be

  10. Fantasticunt Says:

    wake up wake up…

    it’s back to the music.

  11. El B. Sure Says:

    yo fantastic cunt do you have anymore afta-1? i been bumpin his album and that esthero remix thanks to you. but, do you have anything new from him? oh, and that pete rock and 9th joint is tight as hell. very mellow.

  12. Fantasticunt Says:

    whaddup El B.

    to be honest, all i got is indeed Aftathoughts, the Esthero remix of course, one other external joint called Love Suite, download it here:

    i got hold of one joint he produced with a new cat named Chester Gregory called ‘I Only Have Eyes 4 U’, but was found it lacklustre so I discarded it, but you should be able to find that around the net somewhere i’m sure.

    new mixtape in 3 days, hol’ tight sir.

  13. k boogie Says:

    just gettin to listen to your october selection now, feelin lacey duvalle, the song not the girl, what’s she got some car tyres bup in her chest? well if that does it for you…

  14. Idernenus Says:

    Various of people blog about this issue but you wrote down really true words.

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