Your Mum’s Phat Titz OCTOBER ‘08 Edition Mixtape PART 3

Halloween Halloween. Hurray for the Devil and Dracula, poor bastards only get one official night a year.

If you’d any idea how boggling it’s been to compile the third volume of bangers & beauties for October. In the space of 3 days new Q-Tip masterwork ‘The Renaissance’ and Illa J’s Dilla-doctrine ‘Yancey Boys’ descended from Heaven as winged classics (impossible feat in this age of corrupt science and lost faiths) and I had to make the near insurmountable choice of selecting only 1 joint per set for your following presentation.

My own vital criteria for these tapes must be met though or else shit’ll just get outta control, trust me, as I fall upon/sift though hundreds of new songs + dozens of albums every month looking for the prime cut (aswell as combing a couple older pieces for a little hark back). Still I hope I’ve picked the sweetest cherry off each of those aforementioned LPs. Let me know if you disagree, if you have your own favourite. Aswell as always letting a brother know which joints got you buggin’ out the most even if you simply leave the artist/s and track name/s in the comments.

Oh & for the record, Foreign Exchange’s Leave It All Behind and Black Milk’s ‘Tronic’ are f**king tremendous aswell. October 2008: astonishing month for fresh long players from old favourites, thankfully devoid of the usual sophmore or veteran let downs. In fact, hasn’t this year just been incredible for next-level music and evolving sounds?

I go to bed content this very moment, and by the next installment hope we (the world) will have a new Black (technically Beige or Taupe) President and not a crazy b*tch in office one heartbeat from the button tryna’ blow up Russia. My American readers and listeners, make us UK heads proud and put in a vote on behalf of your humble sound-servant Fantasticunt.

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Tracklisting In Alphabetical Order As Always:
1. Adventure Time – This Dome Is Our Home
2. Black Milk feat. Colin Munroe – Without You
3. Carlos Nino & Lil’ Sci feat. Prince Po – Honor, Courage & Karma (Prod. by Flying Lotus I think)
4. Elucid – Mannequin (Dead Fresh) (Prod. by Hudson Mohawke)
5. Exile – In Love
6. Fki feat. Badio – Get Open
7. Fly Guys (Kay & Donwill) feat. Che Grand & The Luv Bugz – I Think
8. Foreign Exchange – Sweeter Than You
9. Illa J – All Good (Prod. by  J-Dilla)
10. Jesse Boykins III – Pantyhose
11. JimiJames – Bitchin (Prod. by Kareem Riggins)
12. John Robinson feat. Tiffany Paige – Expression (Prod. by MF Doom)
13. JoLeon DaVenue – Lisa Farenheit (Prod. by JoLeon DaVenue)
14. Leon King – The Digital Church
15.  Ludacris feat. Lil’ Wayne – Last of a Dying Breed
16. Miguel Jontel – Overload
17. Mr. Dibiase – Fine Tuning
18. Mr. Scruff feat, Andreya Triana – Hold On
19. Murs feat. Tyler Woods – Love & Appreciate Part II (Prod. by 9th Wonder)
20. Musiq Soulchild – So Beautiful
21. Now On – Marbles
22. Oddisee feat. Nikki Jean – Tell The Truth (Prod. by Oddisee)
23. Oh No feat. Stacy Epps – I Can’t Help Myself
24. Onra feat. Hazel – Super Genesis
25. Physical Sound Sport – Nigeria Game
26. Q-Tip feat. Raphael Saadiq – We Fight, We Love
27. Ryan Leslie – Quick Sand
28. Sophia Fresh feat. Kanye West – What It Is
29. Tettorybad feat. Fatima – Unite
30. Yo Majesty – Hott
31. Zomby – Spliff Dub (Rustie Remix)

Your Mum’s shit right now:

Goin’ out to every dude, because of THAT one particular woman. A familiar tale for our entire species and an instant UK Soul-Hop classic evoking the most loveliest latter-day Tribe vibes.

Video: JoLeon DaVenue – Lisa Farenheit

Fantasticunt mixtape rating:

99,458 mums out of 10

[This is a free promotional release- appreciate free shit.]


8 Responses to “Your Mum’s Phat Titz OCTOBER ‘08 Edition Mixtape PART 3”

  1. bitrate256 Says:

    good lookin out. im back in L.A. Thanks for those new joints and a few old ones refreshing my Sunday. ” Only positive energies surround me “-Illa J joint is bananas. i was sleepin on that track right there. thanks shanny. Peace Dame

  2. Fantasticunt Says:

    word Dameski sir, glad you’ve returned to the Leftcoast in safe fashion.

    next time you venture back to London, we’ll make up for lost time and put the town on smash, vowed.

    in the meantime, “only positive energies around me, only open minds around me, only free spirits around me, I let my vision guide me, I let the rhythm find me…”

    hol’ tight!

  3. Elijah Says:

    u should of used the sukh knight remix instead of rustie remix of spliff dub

  4. Roberta 'BEE' Flat Says:

    My fav mixtape!!!!!!!!

    Love it!!

    Mr Scruff B.Line!

    ‘preciate it.


  5. k boogie Says:

    not sure what comp but just listing to that res track now… niiice… also jazmine sullivan… never heard of these before, good lookin out…

  6. El Chavo Says:

    From which album is JimiJames – Bitchin (Prod. by Kareem Riggins)?

  7. JIMIJAMES Says:

    Here is the link to JIMIJEEZEE on which you can find Bitchin’ 😀

    xoxo JIMIJAMES


  8. JIMIJAMES Says:

    Oops! Here it is:


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