Your Mum Believes…

I just had to mark this moment.

It’s around 6am in London.

You know why I’m up & you know what I’ve followed…

Was this the first Hip-Hop election? If so, I think Hip-Hop won.

My highest respect and admiration goes out to those of you who stood in line for hours (yes, I’ve been moved and I saw the images of our cousins across the puddle) to unanimously express yourself through democracy. Understand that you did that for us too and I have heartfelt hopes this’ll be a beacon for my people in London and other UK cities, especially those from ethnic or disadvantaged backgrounds by psychologically encouraging them to stop f**kin’ giving in and really persevere in this country against both explicit and closet bigotry.

I only ever want things to be like the way we here love our music: Progressive.

And Fantasticunt couldn’t come up with a more customary manner for Your Mum’s offspring to celebrate than to give you one of the tightest joints, off now one of my favourite LPs of this decade (‘The Renaissance’ replay counts is THAT severe), by a most beloved artist… the ORIGINAL flip with epic intro from perhaps the greatest politician we’ve ever witnessed. Please don’t let us down Barack.

This one’s for MY generation…

> > Q-Tip feat. President Barack Obama – Shaka < <



5 Responses to “Your Mum Believes…”

  1. TheBrotha! Says:

    I’ve got the Renaissance album on the way so I’ll be making it tonights soundtrack at work.

    Nice shirt btw.

  2. k boogie Says:

    barack hussein fucking obama! word… hip hop for president… he and common share the same chi-city church… better days ahead…

  3. Brother Man, Brother Man Says:

    God damn you got kissable lips *no homo*

  4. El B. Sure Says:

    LMAO @ Brother Man, Brother Man. i don’t think “no homo” can save you there buddy. but anyways, i’m so happy that president-elect obama won. damn, i can’t wait for jan. 20. i might have to make a trip to d.c.

  5. LABJr Says:

    Brother man has got his eye on the ‘other’ man! LOL

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