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Your Mum Misses Deal Real + Remembers Fly-Lo Fondly…

September 13, 2008

Ha, classic.

Hol’ tight ol’ girl Charlie for taunting me with over the net with some allegedly compromising video footage. Safe from a sex-tape scandal, it’s now revealed to be Flying Lotus’ in-store mini-gig at Deal Real (legendary London Hip-Hop shop, tragically forced to close by greedy scumbag Carnaby St. landlords) last Summer where I was goin’ buckwild like an Parkinsons clown and trying to film/photograph simultaneously. Got nabbed behaving ’nuff fruity.

Respect to all the Deal Realists, Steve Ellison himself, plus all major league feminine faces- one great evening in June. Hip-Hop unifying. Ill memory.

Unfortunately even this video cannot quite convey the energy and crowd love erupting for the duration of the entire set, particularly when ‘Accordion’ enraptured the spot. Hyper-wiggin’.

In case you try out me, I’ll hold onto international anonymity; and merely say the words…


Video: Flying Lotus at Deal Real June 2007 Part 1

Video: Flying Lotus at Deal Real June 2007 Part 2