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Madlib The Beat Konducta – WLIB AM King Of The Wigflip

September 21, 2008

And what a buckshot way to ring in my 100th post.

If you’re a head, you’ll understand the importance of this release. Madlib is one of the greatest producers in Hip-Hop, ever, ‘period’. A legitimate genius who dedicates his every waking hour to the creation of noise.

This is his long-anticipated opus for BBE’s ‘Beat Generation’ series (following suit to Jay Dee’s legendary producer-driven-emcee-ridden BBE addition ‘Welcome To Detroit’ in 2001).

Yes, it is yet another Mind Altering Demented Lessons In Beats. The rawness is irrepressible, with such a devil-may-care clutter of sound puzzles, tropical psychosis, shermed out bass, Blaxploitation-lifted grooves, eccentric anomalies, coarse vinyl crackles and hard hits that indicates no crate has been left unturned or MPC left functional. No one so sadistically mutilates and leaves a break’s entrails all over the track like Otis Jackson Jr.

Though a part of me still feels it’s not his most arresting work (am I the only one who’s disappointed by the unconvincing Murs collabo?), between track 8 and 16 it does feels like warp-dimensional classic territory. It’s just I think Lib is exemplary of Hip-Hop without restraint (recently resulting in an offspring of amazing new age Dilla/Madlib inspired producers), and he could of taken it to that next level in a way even his most devoted followers wouldn’t expect (regardless of Stones Throw labelling this as “his most straightforward neck-snapping Hip-Hop album to date”). Hypnotic Lib (as with Erykah Badu’s breathtaking ‘The Healer’ earlier this year) has always been my favourite style of Lib.

Still I do wanna get all hyper-masculine and slap a sissy every time I hear boisterous Guilty on ‘Go’ spitting “Oh you high now? I laugh at that/ I must be on Punk’d, where Ashton at?”

And ‘Drink Up’ is all of you lots new two-steppin’ dance song.

Out 30th of September, you can pre-order through Stones Throw or the Play UK link i’ve provided at the bottom of the post.

Heat/Smoke Break/The Plain (Reprise)
Mediafire Download Link

Yo Yo Affair Part 1 & 2
Mediafire Download Link

Drink Up feat. Frank & Dank
Mediafire Download Link



1. The New Resident 1:33
2. Blow The Horns On’em Feat. Guilty Simpson 2:32
3. The Plan Pt.1 / Tension 2:37
4. Gamble On Ya Boy Feat. Defari 4:37
5. The OX 805 Feat. MED & Poke 2:57
6. Blindfold Test #10 (He Don’t Play) Feat. J-Rocc 3:54
7. The Thang Thang Feat. Prince Po 3:00
8. Heat / Smoke Break / The Plan (Reprise) 3:57
9. Life Feat. Karriem Riggins 1:32
10. Parklight 1:44
11. Yo Yo Affair Pt. 1 & 2 4:01
12. I Want It Back Feat. Oh No 2:54
13. Disco Dance 1:51
14. What It Do Feat Talib Kweli 3:36
15. Drink Up Feat. Frank & Dank 2:48

16. The Way That I Live Feat. Stacy Epps 4:10
17. Rat Race Feat. Murs 2:05
18. Go Feat. Guilty Simpson 3:07
19. Stop 1:10

My stand-out tracks highlighted in Bold Red above.

Video: What It Do feat. Talib Kweli

Fantasticunt LP rating:

7.5 mums out of 10

[Artist’s Material Available To Buy Via This Link]

Madlib & J. Rocc- Beat Konducta Vol. 5: Dil Cosby Suite

August 28, 2008

It’s Otis’ sweet instrumental album tribute entirely to James…

…clearly forged in the style illustrated on ‘Donuts’.

What else do you want me to say?  No, wait, you don’t NEED me to say anything else. Champion sounds forever till we perish mate.


01. For My Mans (Prelude)
02. The Mystery (Dilla’s Still Her)
03. Beat Provider (Through the Years)
04. J’s Day Theme #3 (Support)
05. In Jah Hands (Dilla’s Lament)
06. Get Dollaz (24-7)
07. The String (Heavy Jones)
08. Two For Pay Jay (No Dough, No Show)
09. No More Time? (The Change)
10. Do You Know? (Transition)
11. Dirty Hop (The Shuffle)
12. Floating Soul (Peace)
13. Infinity Sound (Never Ending)
14. Sacrifice (Beat-A-Holic Thoughts)
15. Rebirth Cycle (Super Soul)
16. Rolled Peach Optimos (Call Day)
17. The Main Inspiration (Coltrane of Beats)
18. The Get Over (Move)
19. Shades of Pete (Super)
20. King Chop (Top Line)
21. Anthenagin’ (?)

My stand-out tracks highlighted in Bold Red above.

Fantasticunt LP rating:

8 mums out of 10

[If this artist/group deserves your money, click this to buy CD]

Madvillain – Madvillainy 2 (The Madlib Remix) [30 Second Snippets]

July 21, 2008

According to Wikipedia…

Madvillainy 2 – The Madlib Remix is an upcoming remix album by hip-hop duo Madvillain. The album is a complete remix of their highly-acclaimed debut LP Madvillainy. According to Stones Throw Records, Madlib could not wait for the official sequel of Madvillainy to be released, so he chose to remix their debut album completely. It is scheduled for a 2008 release.

Here’s is the entire project without being the entire project: 30 second snippets. Those utter teasing sons of bitches. It sounds nothing short of another theatrical Madlib skull-fuck; the man is undoubtedly one of the greatest Hip-Hop producers ever, creating and re-creating relentlessly, equipped with a titanium work ethic that could humiliate many a faux-craftsman in his sphere and beyond it.

[Download Link Deleted By Request from Copyright Holder]


    1. Pow! (Intro)
    2. No Brain
    3. Pearls
    4. Light of the Past
    5. Boulder Holder
    6. Borrowed Time
    7. Space Ho’s Coast to Coast
    8. Invazion (Interlude)
    9. Drainos
    10. Fire in the Hole
    11. Heat Niner
    12. Monkey Suit
    13. Fluid (Intrumental)
    14. Can’t Reform Em
    15. Redd Spot (Interlude)
    16. Running Around With Another
    17. Butter King Jewels
    18. Sermon
    19. Roller Coaster Riders (Instrumental)
    20. 3.214
    21. Confucius Spot (Interlude)
    22. Never Go Pop
    23. Savage Beast (Instrumental)
    24. Cold One
    25. Cold One (Reprise)

    Note: Madvillainy is my 9th favourite Hip-Hop LP of all time. I’d thoughtfully leave a download link below for those who farcically fail to identify, yet I feel its masterpiece status merits it a full-blown critical analysis and unyielding dick-ridden praise further down the line. Hol’ tight all my Rhinestone Cowboys.