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AM90 Presents Kissey Asplund in Stockholm

November 11, 2008

As a minor favour for the wonderful Kyri at R2 Records, Nike and radio producer Becky Jacobs I thought I’d just drop this podcast featuring Your Mum’s dearest, Kissey Asplund. It’s predominantly vox-pop, though guaranteed to enlighten of the young lady’s future manoeuvers alongside other avant-garde individuals.

Both the stunning ‘Silverlake’ and sombre ‘Snowfall’ are available to download by clicking —> here.


When the Air Max launched in 1987, it was a revolution. It became an instant classic, on and off the track.

Three years later this legacy led to the Air Max 90, which took its original concept literally to the max. The frame around the air was designed to add support but was brightly coloured to bring even more attention to the radical design of visible air. You couldn’t miss it.

Over time, the Air Max 90 evolved from a lightweight running shoe into original expressions of style on different playgrounds, at different latitudes. It was an energy that couldn’t have been predicted. The Air Max 90 eventually became an icon adapted by athletes, performers and artists.

The AM90 Sound is the documentary of this journey, a tribute to a true icon. Legendary photographer Shawn Mortensen traveled across Europe, intercepting (or following) the frequencies of eight young music talents who share the Air Max 90 attitude in a genuine and personal way. From Paris (Sefyu) to Berlin (F.R. + Rampa), from Rome (Rodion) to Stockholm (Kissey Asplund), London (Maniac), Barcelona (Golden Bug), Amsterdam (Shinedoe), up to Moscow (Mujuice): each city with a different style, voice and landscape: Each artist a different soundtrack.

In this AM90 Presents, Swedish signer and musician Kissey Asplund takes us on an audio tour of Stockholm, where we hear from collaborators, friends and even hear from Kissey’s dad! Kissey fills us in on the experimental vibe to her vocals and the motivations behind the ethereal musical collage of Neo Soul, Abstract Broken Beat, Jazz and Deep House that makes up the Kissey style. Plus, we get a guided tour around her bedroom studio and all the kit she used to build her AM90 dedicated track, ‘Silverlake’. Legendary portrait photographer, Shawn Mortensen was on hand to document the process in celluloid and presents his experience of the artist and the city from behind the lens in his ‘Snapshot’ feature.

Props to the aforementioned. And all/any uber-sexy Europeans.

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