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Jay Scarlett – Future Sounds For My Classic Generation

September 24, 2008

Whispered to a couple o’ my close heads yesterday that I was intending to unveil a midweek world exclusive today.

I kid not.

This is a fresh-off-the-stove melting pot (not single-track, individual mp3s) masterminded by tastemaker Jay Scarlett of the internationally renowned Beat Dimensions movement: champions of the bold, brazen, progressive and fearless future of music.

Those of you who copped Jay and Cinnaman’s Beat Dimensions Vol. 1 courtesy of us will know what to anticipate: a seamless selection of spacey, bugged out, glitched-up, forehead-knockin’, ultramodern Soul, Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Grime and other Electronic hybrids alongside classic, organic vibes. This man has his fingers on the pulse of these evolving genres (if one can even box them like that which I doubt). You may want to listen in, in dread of being left behind…

This compilation was recently completed in private conjunction with Reebok (and otherwise may not have seen the light of day) though I’m notified it’s getting pushed for a wider drop later this month. Disc jockeys, promoters, bloggites, audiophiles, forum dwellers, honour Your Mum: get this out there as far as possible, make the world pay attention to that next generation.

Props going out to my source for the fantastic voyage.

Megaupload Download Link


1. Sa-Ra Creative Partners – Intro (A Few Words By Sa- Ra Creative Partners)
2. Daru & Reggie B – Gone Away
3. Funkenteller feat. The Deepspace 69 – Emulator
4. Gecko Turner – Monosabio Blues (Phillips Owusu Remix)
5. 8thW1 – A Fools Lullaby (Could It Be)
6. Dem Suite – The Worst Way  (Spinnerty Remix)
7. Nicolay & Kay – The Light
9. Omm’as Keith –  Bassa Sex Plex
10. Chacho Brodas – Soul Brodas
11. Dabrye feat. A.G. – Get Dirty
12. Erika Rose – Fairytales
13. The Reflektor – Verdadero
14. Mono/Poly – The George Edit
15. Jahcoozi – Getyoshitout
16. Altered Vibes – Holy Ghost
17. J Todd feat. MC 2020 – 1-2-3
18. Quiroga – No More
19. Dephjoe – Hey Playa
20. Tai, Joaquin & Vicelounge –  Never Fall Away
21. Iman Williams & AB – Soulmate
Hidden Track: Jay Scarlett feat. Reggie B & Distantstarr
My favourite tracks highlighted in Bold Red above.

Video: Dabrye feat. A.G. – Get Dirty

“Rolling two Ls like Cool J did it…”

Stacy Epps – The Awakening

September 23, 2008


Spacey Stacey delivered.

She really, really, delivered. The way Epps aerially veers between spiritualist vocalism, outer-body poetics, convulsing grooves and a paranormal beat cavity with boom-bap for a terrestrial heartbeat (with Apex, Amdex, Flying Lotus, S1, Muhsinah, Everett James, Nick Speed and Slugabed all behind the boards). Avant Garde Soul comes a step closer to it’s requiem for a future.

‘Floatin’ is already one of the top 5 songs of the year, if I find a single person contradicting that I’ll stab their brain with their nose-bone like Ballerina P. The rest of the album is now joining the higher tier of my (obsessive compulsive) mental ranking system.

It’s no secret why Lib runs with this girl- she’s on a higher plain.

“Passin’ clouds passin’ you passin’ me by,
Passionately we can be so high,
Heavens are over the sea,
Gravity can’t hold us down, baby…”

The Awakening
Mediafire Download Link

Mediafire Download Link



1. Eppisode (Prod. by Slugabed)
2. The Awakening
3. OM (Prod. by Muhsinah)
4. Addicted (Prod. by Amdex)
5. Heaven (Prod. by S1)
6. Cosmik Dust (Prod. by Flying Lotus)
7. Floatin
8. Floatin (reprise)
9. Who Knows (Prod. by Nick Speed)
10. Mothership
11. 00:00

My favourite tracks highlighted in Bold Red above.

Video: Floatin’

Fantasticunt LP rating:

8.5 mums out of 10

[Artist’s Material Available To Buy Via This Link]

Kissey Asplund – Silverlake

September 22, 2008

Adorable Miss. Asplund is one of my breakthrough artists of 2008 with her futuristic Soul debut ‘Plethora’ (shouts to my duke DJ Cavalry for puttin’ me on that earlier this year, and all the heads I had hooked on it consequential to that). Not sure why I have to keep repeating, “don’t sleep on the Swedes”.

The new single ‘Silverlake’ and it’s B-side ‘Snowfall’ are produced by Dorian Concept (with artwork from Piet Parra) exclusively for Nike’s AM90 launch campaign, and they’re both quite simply spellbinding. It excites me to hear artists challenging the status quo as Kissey does. It’s like the rebirth of Trip-Hop’s most intoxicating aspects.

Respects to Nike for having the balls (product placement pun intended) to put this ill sista on. It’s a wise move if they’re looking to tap into a market of progressive music-orientated fashionistas.

Drops today Oct 22nd as a limited 12″ vinyl, and digitally November 3rd.

Props to Kyri at R2 Records and Chris Philips at Choice FM.

Mediafire Download Link

Mediafire Download Link


And the ‘Silverlink’ video shot intimately (nice toes) in Stockholm, you may peep it here:

[heavy video=0bcda6d7a45f00a83d1eb45c6a352e39&]

Jesse Boykins III – Dopamine: My Life On My Back

September 20, 2008

What are you having sex to tonight? Mind if I make a recommendation?

While we’re busy waiting for D’Angelo (a musical hero/martyr of mine) to put the coca plant down and apply fingers to Fender- I suggest you all observe the ascension of 23 year old Brooklyn/Chi-Town’s gifted Jesse Boykins III. His debut EP, an ode to the chemical that makes one fall in love or form addictions, was entirely written, produced, engineered and mixed by the 5-octave ranged prodigy (who despite his age, wearing canerows and being confined to the Contemporary R&B categorisation for it, is as far from Lloyd as is Boris Yeltsin).

There’s a rich, hazy-dream, Neo-Soul aura reminiscent here of Raheem DeVaughn and Dwele’s early work and I adore how the lax trumpet weaves in and out of tracks. I bugged out and started making lecherous, erotic mouth contortions when I first heard ‘Sobriety’ five months ago; I also found relation to the visceral, poetic quality of the songwriting that’s as tender as the last sensuous touch to plague the mind after a heartbreak.

My homegirl Rah informs me exclusively Jesse’s debut album ‘Fake It Till U Make It’ is dropping shortly and he’ll be performing live dates in the UK to promote the release some time in the Autumn.

Right now, I sense this kid got next.

[Link Deleted by Request From Copyright Holder]

The Sea
[Link Deleted by Request From Copyright Holder]

[Link Deleted by Request From Copyright Holder]


1. My Life On My Backft. James W.A.T.T.S.
2. Tabloids
3. Sounds Like Love
4. Baby “I Don’t Know”
5. The Sea
6. Sobriety

7. Think
8. All (Outro)

My stand-out tracks highlighted in Bold Red above.

Video: Tabloids

Fantasticunt EP rating:

8 mums out of 10

[Artist’s Material Available To Buy Via This Link]

Various Assets – Not For Sale Vol. 4 (Red Bull Music Academy 2007 CD Snippets)

September 8, 2008

Couldn’t stay holdin’ onto these priceless numbers now could I? Such innovative, refreshing, avant-minded music is churned out annually at the Red Bull Music Academy; I really must Solid Snake stealth sneak up into that motherfucker one day, a few little taps on the Korgs and MPCs and I gaurantee you I’ll end up remixing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ into a talismanic, new-age, glitch-hop jingle.

The Jake One + Muhsinah collaboration here is outstanding; what an adorably eccentric creature she is, defiant of Rn’B songwriting banalities. Now if only I could get the whole damn CD (non-purchase exclusive industry shit they say), so take a-quarter-of-a-damn-disc and get you some wings (forgive this inevitable carbonated soft-drink punchline).

Props to Universoul for the goodies.

Mediafire Download Link



01. Jake One & Muhsinah – You
02. Marks & Muhsinah – In Need Of
10. Africa Hi Tec feat. Rio – Too Late
11. Happy Melody – Indian Summer
12. Samiyam & Hudson Mohawke – Eff This
15. Sarah Lahey & Om’Mas Keith – Get Over It

My stand-out tracks highlighted in Bold Red above.

Click to bump track Track 1 here: Jake One & Muhsinah – You

Fantasticunt quarter-of-a-damn-disc rating:

7.5 mums out of 10

[This is a free promotional release- appreciate free shit.]

Stacy Epps – Ruff Draft (2007)

August 29, 2008

Whilst I am impatiently still awaiting acquisition of prog-soul songtress Stacy Epps new LP ‘The Awakening’, with Dilla, Lib and even Jneiro Jarel alias Dr. WhoDat on the boards I’ll gladly make do with THIS dunny…


01. Blessing (Prod. Apex)
02. Skin Play ft. Madlib (Prod. J-Dilla)
03. 222 (Hit Me) ft. Muhsinah
04. Arms ft. Bilal Salaam (Prod. Madlib)
05. Loose Change (Prod. Pudgemcee)
06. Down Falling (Prod. Madlib)
07. Rhyme Cycle ft. Panama Black, Doodlebug, & Jawwaad (Prod. Dr. WhoDat)
08. Smoky Mirrors (Prod. Apex)
09. Muthaland (Prod. Madlib)
10. Miuzik (Prod. Stacy Epps)
11. Peace (Prod. Apex)

My stand-out tracks highlighted in Bold Red above.

Video: Arms

Fantasticunt LP rating:

7.5 mums out of 10

[If this artist/group deserves your money, click this to buy CD]

Daru & Rena – Feel The Love

August 27, 2008

I inadvertently found this whilst looking for something completely different altogether (I think it was a song by Bjork so I’m not sure how the hell the two correlate). To my bonny suprise, it contained a number I’d be searching months for and knew not the name of (now revealed to be ‘Lonely Nights’). Actually wait, no, it’s ‘The Roots Dilla Spirit Mix’ of that particular joint on their MySpace that I desperately need, but I’ll still claim fancy fuckin’ luck to gratify myself.

This is Detroit produer Daru’s recent collaboration project with singer/songwriter and sibling Rena, and quite the sturdy, stereo-stompers they are. In fact, I didn’t even know cats/kittens were still making Soul as rugged and gravel-textured as this anymore. The backbeats sound as if they were fashioned around the fiercer time period of mid 90s Eastcoast Hip-Hop: pounding boom-bap drum loops and some tremendous break chopping (all delightfully Primo-esque) as Rena’s airy vox glides and glitches along the contour of kicks and snares. You could easily be mistaken into thinking this was recorded in ’96.

If you were ever a fan of Groove Theory, or you just like your beats hard like 2 day old shit- you’ll be particularly jubilant.

Exceedingly bangin’. Only a total pussy would sleep on this.

Mediafire Download Link


1. All Alone
2. Turn It On
3. Your There Part 1
4. Happy
5. Take Your Hand
6. Sometime
7. Feel The Love
8. When You’re There
9. Lonely Nights
10. Things You Do
11. Spirit Part 2

My stand-out tracks highlighted in Bold Red above.

Click to bump track 9 here: Lonley Nights

Fantasticunt mixtape rating:

7.5 mums out of 10

[This is a free promotional release- appreciate free shit.]