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Chima Anya – King Of The Swingers (Jungle VIP) [Prod. by Hudson Mohawke]

September 24, 2008

Another world exclusive (smugly gettin’ used to these).

In his own words, “Hip-Hop has evolved. I grew a beard for this shit.”

Rising London emcee Chima Anya (of duo GTA) shot me over his cocky bars-for-bar assault over a barnstorming Hud-Mo heater. Official son. Pure hot rocks.

From Chima’s forthcoming mixtape joyfully titled ‘Everything’s Shit’, dropping(s) soon enough.

And would you believe that by day Chima’s in the medical profession? Ha, the secret lives of rappers. Hol’ tight Doc, pimp nurses and push that penicillin.

King Of The Swingers (Jungle VIP)
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Exile – DCAPATatE

September 23, 2008

And the night doesn’t stop as we descend further into madness.

Ill rarity just dropped on me: mind-blowing Exile instrumental only available on a 2007 compilation floating off the coast of Barcelona(?)

Hard hats on, the atmosphere on this could scrape your scalps off. The fact I’m high and listening to this simultaneously doesn’t help either. THIS is a lesson in beat-building.

Props to DeeJay (Low End Theory in LA).

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Exit Records & Steve Spacek Present – Black Pocket The Album

August 28, 2008

Hurrah bitches! Batting for the home team, I can proudly advocate vocalist/producer Steve Spacek as a United Kingdom legend: an original pre & post-millenial pioneer of electronic and progressive Soul music (‘Soultronica’ I insist, vainly re-enforcing usage).

Alongside Edmund Cavill (Ed Spacek) and Morgan Zarate (Morgan Spacek) he formed the groundbreaking electro-soul band Spacek: once hailed as “the Radiohead of Soul”. The experimentalism of backbone Steve Spacek himself implanted the seeds of soulful expansion and influenced dozens of space-funk and futurebeat musicians currently astro-rockin’ our pods and laptops right now… in hindsight the groups LPs ‘Curvatia’ (2001) and ‘Vintage Hi-Tech’ (2003) were the definition of what one would discern as ahead of the times.

The new project is Black Pocket: an experi-instru-mental Blacktronic soul hodgepodge of exclusive re-interpretations for Exit Records back catalogue of underground (notably Drum n’ Bass) classics. Steve yet again raises another set of (Blighty) V fingers to the notion of boundaries/limitations within black music. I preferred his 2005 solo ‘Spaceshift’, but this is a decent, relaxed, self-assured effort from the statesman that grows on the listener given the right ambience. Respect to sir, though I would have preferred a great deal more of his honeyed Mayfield-styled vocal (present only on cyber-sexy ‘You’re A Sta’) all over this to really complete the hallucinatory vision presented.


01. For Real
02. Mountain
03. Juiced
04. Field
05. You’re A Sta
06. Sta Simonez
07. Sta Simone
08. Other Magic
09. Amplifly
10. Bartin Groove
11. Hangin St
12. Vandlance
13. Al Softly

My stand-out tracks highlighted in Bold Red above.

Click to bump track 5 here: You’re A Sta

Fantasticunt LP rating:

6.5 mums out of 10

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