If Your Mum Builds It, They Will Come (On Some Wayne’s World 2 Manoeuvres)…

And I thought no one reads this shit.

Just clocked the numbers Your Mum is doing (I intend to rinse this Mum-orientated extended allegory until some uptight turnip takes literal offence): healthy and well beyond initial expectations when I constructed this mini-monolith 1 month and 8 days ago. For that I wish to express gratitude to all of you bandits and beauties.

In turn, you fun(c)kers are obligating me to post more than I have the rassclart daylight savings for- but like the finest follicle on a unicorn’s twat- you’re most cherished in my kingdom.

5.04am in the downcast, semi-ghetto, London morrow and frustratingly not one bosom hath I yet laid upon as I peel back my eyelids and prepare the next drop strictly for you. All your graves will be spat on.

The Gaslamp Killer – I Spit On Your Grave

My being, when once a baby-face, was partially bred on Led Zep and other fuzzy, fantastical, Prog-Rock shit from my Pap’s pre-parental, purple haze’d past life. Now that he’s an old geezer who doesn’t know his Dilla from his Daddy Yankee (sacrilege!), I’ve been left to continue on the demonic legacy… as has GLK markedly from this 60 minute mix of his own mosh-worthy instrumentals (with flips of other artist’s including Flying Lotus, Roots Manuva & DJ Shadow) and the prior material I’ve heard of his (‘Kobwebs’ with Gonjasufi is a stone cold ’07 classic cut). Too fatigued for the pomp of penmanship right now, so can I’ll just say The Gaslamp Killer is ridiculously fucking dope, and you’re about to sustain some serious blows of Avant-Garde-Glitch-Hop: like Jean Jacques Pierre puffin’ a chunky PCP-dipped blunt with King Crimson in Robert Rodriguez’s garage. If you like Fly-Lo, plus axes, plus crashing cymbals, and naked, painted sluts dancing around a giant smouldering wicker man in the desert, this is for you. Just keep listening to it as it hurtles along. The beats are actually absurd. Do you trust me? Of course you do. Then again, as with anything, it’s not for everyone. Goodnight.

Deposit Files Download Link



(For the record, I fucking hate single-track mixes. I guess I’m a pretentious cunt; I feel my connoisseurship enhanced when I have the individual mp3s. I can’t be the only one who feels this way, surely.)

Fantasticunt mix rating:

8.5 mums out of 10

[If this artist/group deserves your money, click this to buy CD]



3 Responses to “If Your Mum Builds It, They Will Come (On Some Wayne’s World 2 Manoeuvres)…”

  1. g.e. Says:

    Found your blog a few weeks ago, not only have I downloaded two-thirds of your posts since then but I’ve actually agreed with a majority of your ratings which is awesome.

    From NYC standpoint you’re providing an avenue to the international scene hard to find on music blogs elsewhere (that actually post consistantly good shit). Plus your reviews crack me up. I don’t like this idea of bundling tracks though. You’ll fuck up my iTunes metadata and ill probably stop reading as much.

    Otherwise, good stuff.

  2. fantasticunt Says:

    Well thank you, I’m tryin’.

    I’ll take your concerns regarding bundling tracks into account. You see it’s a moral dilemma when one is accused of burdening the careers of the very artist one is attempting to champion and expose. I don’t want to be just faceless internet cretin shitting away people’s livelihood… then again I think you & I both (since you sound like an intelligent individual) are aware that this technology is beyond everyone’s control and no artist is safe from being leaked and file-shared- plus I myself don’t upload people’s albums, I find what I’m looking to expose and merely display here with strong commentary, love and appreciation.

    In the meantime, if an artist is too close to home (some of whose hands I personally shake at different events I attend, that I would love to put up on my blog and will be doing so in the near future), I’ll have to refrain from putting up the whole link for obvious reasons and use the more subtle procedure. I’m sure that makes sense.

    Thanks for reading. Peace.

  3. g.e. Says:

    Yeah, it was more about subtle manipulation. Now that I know you’re active in the community, I understand your moral dillema – It’s one thing to be quietly leeching and another for them to be like “your blog ruined my career.”

    Posting this bundle for streaming may be a good compromise.. at least then it doesnt go into the iTunes as an incomplete album.

    But hey, can’t please everyone. 🙂

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