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I Got Nocturnally Pissed Off One Night…

July 1, 2008

…and made this blog so I could serve you sound.

Because people aren’t fully aware of all the amazing fucking music floating around this intranet and across the hemispheres.

Accept this blog as a golden spoon I’m pulling out from God’s arse and placing into your craving orifice. A force-feeding of what I’m self-assured is good for you. You will enjoy this shit. I nourish ears, feed feet, clog hearts and keep it celestial.

An additional note: I apologise if my bootlegging offends you and directly/indirectly effects your career. I’m doing you a favour; believe in the merits of my “piracy”. Record labels will become obsolete, fold and die within the next decade. You need people like I in this modern age. I AM your first line of viral marketing. Embrace. And keep creating. Make them feel you so they understand it’s necessary to cop your shit and support your tours so you can flourish, prosper, feed your families, pay your lawyers and purchase prostitutes and cocaine. But the cycle for wider exposure must begin here…

If you’re on this blog, it’s because I believe in your music. Don’t be an ungrateful asshole.