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Your Mum’s Phat Titz NOVEMBER ‘08 Edition Mixtape PART 3

November 30, 2008

Special end of the month bumper bumpage edition!

35 collagen implants for your usual 30! Who loves ya baby?

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Tracklisting In Alphabetical Order As Always:
1. 8thW1 – A Fools Lullaby (Could It Be)
2. Ashley Thomas – Find Me
3. Baby J feat. Wreh Asha – Could You Be More 
4. Black Spade feat. Coultrain- A Lil’ Taste  (Prod. by J-Dilla)
5. Common feat. Kanye West – Punch Drunk Love (The Eye) (Prod. by The Neptunes)
6. Crown City Rockers – Body Rock
7. Daru & Reggie B – Gone Away
8. Declaime – Love
9. Fatima – Wildchild
10. Grace Jones – Devil In My Life 
11. Green Tea feat. AB – Y.O.U.
12. Jamie Foxx feat. Lil’ Wayne – Number One (Prod. by Just Blaze)
13. Janelle Monáe- Lettin’ Go
14. Jesse Boykins III – Amorous
15. Jon Brion – Dead To The World
16. Kanye West – Bad News
17. Kissey Asplund & DistantStarr – Car Ride (To The Future) (Prod. by Jay Scarlett)
18. Knowledge – Relief
19. Metro Area – Read My Mind
20. MGMT – Electric Feel
21. Muhsinah – Plan B
22. Musiq Soulchild – Special
23. Noul Gourdin – P.Y.T.
24. Noni Limar – Monogamy
25. Onra – My Comet
26. OP Swamp 81 – Decompose
27. Patch Adams (Blu & Sene) – ABCs
28. Robyn – Bum Like You
29. SA-RA Creative Partners – Spacefruit
30. Skillit – That Guy (Prod. by Capital B)
31. Skream feat. Warrior Queen – Check It
32. Theophilus London feat. Jesse Boykins III – Cold Pillow
33. Wes Felton feat. Bilal Salaam – You’ll Never Know
34. Wiley – Local Lad
35. Wretch 32 feat. Wizzy Wow, Tinie Tempah, Scorcha, Bashy, Sway & Chipmunk – Be Cool (Remix) 

Your Mum’s shit right now:        

Video: Kanye West – Bad News

Fantasticunt mixtape rating:

114,359 mums out of 10

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Your Mum’s Phat Titz NOVEMBER ‘08 Edition Mixtape PART 2

November 19, 2008

For some reason I wanted to get this out earlier than usual…

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Tracklisting In Alphabetical Order As Always:
1. 88 Keys feat. J*Davey -Dirty Peaches
2. Alchemist feat. Evidence, Blu & Kid Cudi – Therapy
3. B.O.B. feat. Amy Winehouse – Grip Your Body
4. Baron Zen – Burn Rubber (Dam Funk Remix)
5. Bobby Creekwater feat. Cee-Lo – I’ll Be Waiting
6. Britney Spears – Mannequin <— Shut up any plum who questions this one. The hook is NEXT level, “Screeeeeeeeeaaaaaaam…”
7. Buff1 – For U (M-Phazes Remix)
8. Buffalo Drive – Shock Therapy
9. Convinced & Tunji – Goodbye Never
10. Declaime – Show Me (Prod. by Flying Lotus, I think)
11. Emanon (Aloe Blacc & Exile) – More Than You Know
12. Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind OST (Jon Brion) – Bookstore
13. Flying Lotus – Camel (Nosaj Thing Remix)
14. Foreign Beggars feat. Dubbledge & Kyza – Hit That Gash (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur Remix)
15. Little Brother – Passionflower (Prod. by 9th Wonder)
16. Lowkey feat. Jon McClure, Faith SFX & Mic Righteous – Revolution
17. Ludacris feat. Nas & Jay-Z – I Do It For Hip-Hop
18. Mike Slott feat. Muhsinah – Deux Three
19. Mr. Hudson – There Will Be Tears
20. Noisses – Bond, James Bond
21. Platinum Pied Pipers feat. Coultrain – Angel (Wajeed Remix)
22. Rustie – Tempered
23. SA-RA Creative Partners feat. Erykah Badu & Herbie Hancock – Fantastic Vampere
24. Self Scientific feat. The Game & Talib Kweli – Everywhere I Go
25. Skillit – I Love Women (Prod. by Capital B)
26. Spork Kills – Black Widow
27. Tamar Davis – All I Want Is You
28. The Smiths – This Charming Man
29. Theo feat. Christian Rich – Too Young
30. Tracy Cruz – Weathered Down
31. Waldeck – Addicted

Your Mum’s shit right now:

Video: Mr. Hudson – There Will Be Tears

Fantasticunt mixtape rating:

108,962 mums out of 10

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Your Mum’s Phat Titz NOVEMBER ‘08 Edition Mixtape PART 1

November 13, 2008

Shit, sorry I’m late.

You wouldn’t believe the week one’s had (somewhere between tryna’ catch a Bachelor of Arts degree, Rock The Bells with Nas, Pharcyde & EPMD, Kanye’s ‘808s & Heartbreak’ playback session, Raphael Saadiq’s gig at London’s Jazz Cafe and Glow In The Dark, whooo).

But let’s not digress to bore. Drums please…

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Tracklisting In Alphabetical Order As Always:
1. 88 Keys feat. Kid Cudi – Ho’ Is Short For Honey
2. Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars
3. Beyonce – Diva (Prod. by Bangladesh)
4. Black Milk – Tronic Summer
5. Brittany Bosco – City Of Nowhere
6. Busta Rhymes – Conglomerate
7. Camp Lo – Nah Right 
8. Charles Hamilton, Asher Roth & B.O.B. – Change Gon’ Come
9. DJ Jazzy Jeff feat. Baby Blak & Pauly Yamz – For Da Love Of Da Game
10. Durrty Goodz – Switching Songs Part 2 (The Good Ol’ Days) <— Strictly for my old skool UK heads!
11. EPMD – Listen Up
12. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Tarik
13. Invincible feat. Finale – Don’t Sleep (Prod. by Black Milk)
14. J*Davey – Finer Things (Bossin’ Up)
15. Jay Electronica – Exhibit A (Transformations) (Prod. by Just Blaze)
16. Jay-Z – History (Prod. by Kanye West)
17. Justin Timberlake – Magic
18. (Track I’m not titling because of label leeches)
19. Kid Sister – Get Fresh
20. Lalah Hathaway – Naked Truth
21. Magda Sinit – Mista Notice Me
22. Onra – Dreams
23. Pardon The Stranger- Happy
24. Peche Noire – Cacahuete
25. Random ft. Rashid Hadee – If It Weren’t For Bad Luck
26. Rena – You (Prod. by Daru)
27. Roy Davis Jnr. feat. Peven Everett – Gabrielle
28. Seal – A Change Is Gonna Come
29. Skillit – Skeen (Prod. by Capital B)
30. Stagga feat. Skam – Sick As Sin 

Your Mum’s shit right now:           

Video: Britanny Bosco – City of Nowhere

Fantasticunt mixtape rating:

101,723 mums out of 10

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AM90 Presents Kissey Asplund in Stockholm

November 11, 2008

As a minor favour for the wonderful Kyri at R2 Records, Nike and radio producer Becky Jacobs I thought I’d just drop this podcast featuring Your Mum’s dearest, Kissey Asplund. It’s predominantly vox-pop, though guaranteed to enlighten of the young lady’s future manoeuvers alongside other avant-garde individuals.

Both the stunning ‘Silverlake’ and sombre ‘Snowfall’ are available to download by clicking —> here.


When the Air Max launched in 1987, it was a revolution. It became an instant classic, on and off the track.

Three years later this legacy led to the Air Max 90, which took its original concept literally to the max. The frame around the air was designed to add support but was brightly coloured to bring even more attention to the radical design of visible air. You couldn’t miss it.

Over time, the Air Max 90 evolved from a lightweight running shoe into original expressions of style on different playgrounds, at different latitudes. It was an energy that couldn’t have been predicted. The Air Max 90 eventually became an icon adapted by athletes, performers and artists.

The AM90 Sound is the documentary of this journey, a tribute to a true icon. Legendary photographer Shawn Mortensen traveled across Europe, intercepting (or following) the frequencies of eight young music talents who share the Air Max 90 attitude in a genuine and personal way. From Paris (Sefyu) to Berlin (F.R. + Rampa), from Rome (Rodion) to Stockholm (Kissey Asplund), London (Maniac), Barcelona (Golden Bug), Amsterdam (Shinedoe), up to Moscow (Mujuice): each city with a different style, voice and landscape: Each artist a different soundtrack.

In this AM90 Presents, Swedish signer and musician Kissey Asplund takes us on an audio tour of Stockholm, where we hear from collaborators, friends and even hear from Kissey’s dad! Kissey fills us in on the experimental vibe to her vocals and the motivations behind the ethereal musical collage of Neo Soul, Abstract Broken Beat, Jazz and Deep House that makes up the Kissey style. Plus, we get a guided tour around her bedroom studio and all the kit she used to build her AM90 dedicated track, ‘Silverlake’. Legendary portrait photographer, Shawn Mortensen was on hand to document the process in celluloid and presents his experience of the artist and the city from behind the lens in his ‘Snapshot’ feature.

Props to the aforementioned. And all/any uber-sexy Europeans.

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Your Mum Believes…

November 5, 2008

I just had to mark this moment.

It’s around 6am in London.

You know why I’m up & you know what I’ve followed…

Was this the first Hip-Hop election? If so, I think Hip-Hop won.

My highest respect and admiration goes out to those of you who stood in line for hours (yes, I’ve been moved and I saw the images of our cousins across the puddle) to unanimously express yourself through democracy. Understand that you did that for us too and I have heartfelt hopes this’ll be a beacon for my people in London and other UK cities, especially those from ethnic or disadvantaged backgrounds by psychologically encouraging them to stop f**kin’ giving in and really persevere in this country against both explicit and closet bigotry.

I only ever want things to be like the way we here love our music: Progressive.

And Fantasticunt couldn’t come up with a more customary manner for Your Mum’s offspring to celebrate than to give you one of the tightest joints, off now one of my favourite LPs of this decade (‘The Renaissance’ replay counts is THAT severe), by a most beloved artist… the ORIGINAL flip with epic intro from perhaps the greatest politician we’ve ever witnessed. Please don’t let us down Barack.

This one’s for MY generation…

> > Q-Tip feat. President Barack Obama – Shaka < <