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Jay Scarlett – Future Sounds For My Classic Generation

September 24, 2008

Whispered to a couple o’ my close heads yesterday that I was intending to unveil a midweek world exclusive today.

I kid not.

This is a fresh-off-the-stove melting pot (not single-track, individual mp3s) masterminded by tastemaker Jay Scarlett of the internationally renowned Beat Dimensions movement: champions of the bold, brazen, progressive and fearless future of music.

Those of you who copped Jay and Cinnaman’s Beat Dimensions Vol. 1 courtesy of us will know what to anticipate: a seamless selection of spacey, bugged out, glitched-up, forehead-knockin’, ultramodern Soul, Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Grime and other Electronic hybrids alongside classic, organic vibes. This man has his fingers on the pulse of these evolving genres (if one can even box them like that which I doubt). You may want to listen in, in dread of being left behind…

This compilation was recently completed in private conjunction with Reebok (and otherwise may not have seen the light of day) though I’m notified it’s getting pushed for a wider drop later this month. Disc jockeys, promoters, bloggites, audiophiles, forum dwellers, honour Your Mum: get this out there as far as possible, make the world pay attention to that next generation.

Props going out to my source for the fantastic voyage.

Megaupload Download Link


1. Sa-Ra Creative Partners – Intro (A Few Words By Sa- Ra Creative Partners)
2. Daru & Reggie B – Gone Away
3. Funkenteller feat. The Deepspace 69 – Emulator
4. Gecko Turner – Monosabio Blues (Phillips Owusu Remix)
5. 8thW1 – A Fools Lullaby (Could It Be)
6. Dem Suite – The Worst Way  (Spinnerty Remix)
7. Nicolay & Kay – The Light
9. Omm’as Keith –  Bassa Sex Plex
10. Chacho Brodas – Soul Brodas
11. Dabrye feat. A.G. – Get Dirty
12. Erika Rose – Fairytales
13. The Reflektor – Verdadero
14. Mono/Poly – The George Edit
15. Jahcoozi – Getyoshitout
16. Altered Vibes – Holy Ghost
17. J Todd feat. MC 2020 – 1-2-3
18. Quiroga – No More
19. Dephjoe – Hey Playa
20. Tai, Joaquin & Vicelounge –  Never Fall Away
21. Iman Williams & AB – Soulmate
Hidden Track: Jay Scarlett feat. Reggie B & Distantstarr
My favourite tracks highlighted in Bold Red above.

Video: Dabrye feat. A.G. – Get Dirty

“Rolling two Ls like Cool J did it…”

Burial – Burial Remixes + B-Sides

September 8, 2008

I’ve beseeched and petitioned (in the comfort of my own blog) that Burial’s astounding ‘Untrue’ duly win the Mercury Music Prize 2008 (this week), nuffin’ long. I genuinely believe it’s one of the most significant, spiritually relevant sonic masterpieces released during our generation (previously posted by Your Mum here) from a young Londoners perspective.

While we patiently wait for accolades to be allocated correctly I thought I’d distribute this mini-compilation of remixes and rarities by one’s current favourite producer amongst the British musical landscape.

If asked why I so profoundly love Burial’s sound, my response would be simple: it sounds like home & how I feel every night in this city.

P.S. Burn those fascists at The Sun newspaper (that’s a brouhaha begging Brit tabloid for my international reader’s enlightenment) for baiting up the enigma. I had faith in the geezer’s prior decision to stay a low-key, visually anonymous, clandestine force causing audiences to focus solely on the music. In his own words, “i wanted to be unknown because i just want it to be all about the tunes.”

Word to Croydon concealment.

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1. Blackdown- Crackle Blues (Burial Remix)
2. Jamie Woon- Wayfaring Stranger (Burial Mix)
3. Bloc Party- Where Is Home (Burial Remix)

4. Thom Yorke- And It Rained All Night (Burial Remix)
5. Burial- Archangel (8-Bit Boy Remix)
6. Burial- Archangel (Leif Remix)
7. Burial- Versus
8. Burial- Unite
9 Burial- Stairwell

My stand-out tracks highlighted in Bold Red above.

Video: Jamie Woon – Wayfaring Stranger (Burial Mix)

Fantasticunt compilation rating:

8.5 mums out of 10

[This is a free promotional release- appreciate free shit.]

Your Mum Says Listen to… Burial – Untrue

July 9, 2008

Name one album with which you can shuck-out (dance/gun-finger-wave) to, cry to, ride the back of the night bus to and sleep to…?

It’s ironic that in the record industry, for all it’s muscle and millions, one of the most mesmerizing and tour de force albums of 2007 came from an anonymous brere’ somewhere in South London. Question is, will those trendy bastards recognize this at the Mercury Music Prize this year?

To be quite honest, I’d never quite heard a 2 Step record quite ominously orchestral as Archangel which haunts like a dejected ghost stalking your local church rave. The more I’ve listened, the more I’m convinced the song is born out of an agonizing heartbreak the composer’s been subjected to; perversely pitch-bent lines as “couldn’t be alone…tell me how could you…but I trust(ed) you…” almost possess the listener forcing them to confront their own iniquity with the relentless repetition.

Untrue should (in a decade from now) be distinguished as that pivotal moment Dub-Step becomes a higher art form stabbing your soul with the handle of electronic-pulse paintbrushes and butchered vocal samples that bleed a cryptic narrative of disenchantment. The production over the 13 tracks is so densely tailored into a sonic whole (where alot of UK Grime/Dub-Step/Garage artists have failed to achieve when it comes to actually CRAFTING albums with an expert sense of control), the enigmatic Burial sets his artistry apart from anyone else in the field. There are layers, textures, anomalies and detail that will require attention far beyond your first listen.

It’s gloomy, unsettling, ethereal and above all else the sound of my city: London. I might even go to the lengths of saying this is the most beautiful dance-based long player I’ve ever heard. Don’t bloody sleep on it…sleep WITH it.

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1. Untitled
2. Archangel
3. Near Dark
4. Ghost Hardware
5. Endorphin
6. Etched Headplate
7. In McDonalds
8. Untrue
9. Shell Of Light
10. Dog Shelter
11. Homeless
12. UK
13. Raver

My stand-out tracks highlighted in Bold Red above and below.

Fantasticunt album rating:

9.5 mums out of 10

Video: ‘Archangel’

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The debut album from 2006.

Burial – Burial

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1. Untitled
2. Distant Lights
3. Spaceape (Feat. the Spaceape)
4. Wounder
5. Night Bus
6. Southern Comfort
7. You Hurt Me
8. Gutted
9. Forgive
10. Broken Home
11. Prayer
12. Pirates
13. Untitled

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Fantasticunt album rating:

6.0 mums out of 10

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