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Exit Records & Steve Spacek Present – Black Pocket The Album

August 28, 2008

Hurrah bitches! Batting for the home team, I can proudly advocate vocalist/producer Steve Spacek as a United Kingdom legend: an original pre & post-millenial pioneer of electronic and progressive Soul music (‘Soultronica’ I insist, vainly re-enforcing usage).

Alongside Edmund Cavill (Ed Spacek) and Morgan Zarate (Morgan Spacek) he formed the groundbreaking electro-soul band Spacek: once hailed as “the Radiohead of Soul”. The experimentalism of backbone Steve Spacek himself implanted the seeds of soulful expansion and influenced dozens of space-funk and futurebeat musicians currently astro-rockin’ our pods and laptops right now… in hindsight the groups LPs ‘Curvatia’ (2001) and ‘Vintage Hi-Tech’ (2003) were the definition of what one would discern as ahead of the times.

The new project is Black Pocket: an experi-instru-mental Blacktronic soul hodgepodge of exclusive re-interpretations for Exit Records back catalogue of underground (notably Drum n’ Bass) classics. Steve yet again raises another set of (Blighty) V fingers to the notion of boundaries/limitations within black music. I preferred his 2005 solo ‘Spaceshift’, but this is a decent, relaxed, self-assured effort from the statesman that grows on the listener given the right ambience. Respect to sir, though I would have preferred a great deal more of his honeyed Mayfield-styled vocal (present only on cyber-sexy ‘You’re A Sta’) all over this to really complete the hallucinatory vision presented.


01. For Real
02. Mountain
03. Juiced
04. Field
05. You’re A Sta
06. Sta Simonez
07. Sta Simone
08. Other Magic
09. Amplifly
10. Bartin Groove
11. Hangin St
12. Vandlance
13. Al Softly

My stand-out tracks highlighted in Bold Red above.

Click to bump track 5 here: You’re A Sta

Fantasticunt LP rating:

6.5 mums out of 10

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Giles Peterson Presents – Brownswood Bubblers Vol. 3

August 8, 2008

Christ. Every joint here is stunning.

Yaw’s ‘Where Would You Be’ is perhaps one of the most stirring organic soul records I’ve heard in aeons.

Giles P is a smug git with a bloody tremendous ear. I can relate. In fact, minus his melanin defect we could almost be related.

All I need is a fucking radio show & I’ll quit being an accessory to pirates for good- honest guv.

(Props to Blind I Is For The Kids for the source.)

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1. Bullion- Get Familiar
2. Sunburst Band- Turn It Out
3. Katalyst feat. Steve Spacek- How Bout Us
4. DJ Day- Find A Place to Go
5. Jukes- Something Important
6. Stacy Epps – Floatin
7. Rozzi Dame- Morning Light
8. Yaw- Where Would You Be
9. Emantive feat. Ahu- Turn Your Lights On
10. The Invisables- Spiral
11. Arun Ghosh- Aurora
12. Charlie Dark & Roger Robinson- Prayers For Angry Young Men
13. Keneth Bager- Fragment One (And I Kept Hearing)

My stand-out tracks highlighted in Bold Red above.

Video: Stacy Epps – Floatin

Fantasticunt compilation rating:

9 mums out of 10

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