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Jay Scarlett – Future Sounds For My Classic Generation

September 24, 2008

Whispered to a couple o’ my close heads yesterday that I was intending to unveil a midweek world exclusive today.

I kid not.

This is a fresh-off-the-stove melting pot (not single-track, individual mp3s) masterminded by tastemaker Jay Scarlett of the internationally renowned Beat Dimensions movement: champions of the bold, brazen, progressive and fearless future of music.

Those of you who copped Jay and Cinnaman’s Beat Dimensions Vol. 1 courtesy of us will know what to anticipate: a seamless selection of spacey, bugged out, glitched-up, forehead-knockin’, ultramodern Soul, Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Grime and other Electronic hybrids alongside classic, organic vibes. This man has his fingers on the pulse of these evolving genres (if one can even box them like that which I doubt). You may want to listen in, in dread of being left behind…

This compilation was recently completed in private conjunction with Reebok (and otherwise may not have seen the light of day) though I’m notified it’s getting pushed for a wider drop later this month. Disc jockeys, promoters, bloggites, audiophiles, forum dwellers, honour Your Mum: get this out there as far as possible, make the world pay attention to that next generation.

Props going out to my source for the fantastic voyage.

Megaupload Download Link


1. Sa-Ra Creative Partners – Intro (A Few Words By Sa- Ra Creative Partners)
2. Daru & Reggie B – Gone Away
3. Funkenteller feat. The Deepspace 69 – Emulator
4. Gecko Turner – Monosabio Blues (Phillips Owusu Remix)
5. 8thW1 – A Fools Lullaby (Could It Be)
6. Dem Suite – The Worst Way  (Spinnerty Remix)
7. Nicolay & Kay – The Light
9. Omm’as Keith –  Bassa Sex Plex
10. Chacho Brodas – Soul Brodas
11. Dabrye feat. A.G. – Get Dirty
12. Erika Rose – Fairytales
13. The Reflektor – Verdadero
14. Mono/Poly – The George Edit
15. Jahcoozi – Getyoshitout
16. Altered Vibes – Holy Ghost
17. J Todd feat. MC 2020 – 1-2-3
18. Quiroga – No More
19. Dephjoe – Hey Playa
20. Tai, Joaquin & Vicelounge –  Never Fall Away
21. Iman Williams & AB – Soulmate
Hidden Track: Jay Scarlett feat. Reggie B & Distantstarr
My favourite tracks highlighted in Bold Red above.

Video: Dabrye feat. A.G. – Get Dirty

“Rolling two Ls like Cool J did it…”

Cinnaman & Jay Scarlett – Beat Dimensions Vol. 1

July 24, 2008

More and more dense, psychadelic, cerebellum-scrambling Electronic Hip-Hop/Glitch-Hop/Future-Beats to make you excrete in your astronaut pants. And this compilation is from 2007 aswell (hol’ tight my duke Drum@tix for helping me attain this rare find). Sounds of things to come my people…

Megaupload Download Link



1. Dimlite & Ill Dubio- Searching It
2. J Todd- Night
3. ACID – Up Hygh
4. Mweslee- Un Joder Suave
5. Pursuit Grooves- Push Up
6. Morgan Spaceck- Dabz Beat
7. Hudson Mohawke- Trace
8. Cinnaman- Parker
9. Dyno- Reign
10. Byron Onra- Cosmic Travelling
11. Tom Trago- Fluogreen Legged Gangster
12. Hearin’ Aid- Figz
13. FlyamSam (Flying Lotus + Samiyam)- Green Tea Power
14. Simon Muschinsky- Activate
15. Black Pocket- Road
16. VeeBeeO- No More
17. Super Smoky Soul- Smoke Collage
18. Mike Tibbert- Sky Blue
19. Slumgullion- Castlevania
20. Aardvark- Nose
21. The Boogie- Hoerenjong
22. Sepalot- The Measured Amount
23. Jay Scarlett- Love Music

My stand-out tracks highlighted in Bold Red above.

Fantasticunt compilation rating:

7 mums out of 10

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Hudson Mohawke – ZooO00oO0m

This Hudson Mohawke banger on YouTube (that I sadly don’t have the mp3 for yet but will soon enough) is 100% flame-grilled bananas.

Video: ZooO00oO0m