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Little Jackie – The Stoop

July 15, 2008

New collaboration LP combining the anti-conventional gusto of Brooklyn punkstress Imani Coppola and the candy-coated programming of (some guy I’ve never heard of before who looks like an Estonian charlie dealer) Adam Pallin.

I find the album relies too comfortably on the current Mark Ronson motivated vintage-pop trend till it rides the bandwagon wheels off it. The sound is too polished at times even if Little Jackie are attempting to nurture a retro Hip-Pop amalgam that capture the joviality of Motown’s 60’s chart nuanced R&B, and post-modernist sampling techniques; a feeling sparsely replenished only by the thrusting horn sections on ‘28 Butts’ and ‘Cryin’ For The Queen’ that mingle the right level of catchy bounce, swing and a grit to equal what is usually expected of Coppola’s spunky songwriting of solo material past. Perhaps the duo should obey the declaration of track 11’s title and either ‘Go Hard or Go Home’.


01. The Stoop
02. The World Should Revolve Around Me
03. 28 Butts
04. Guys Like When Girls Kiss
05. Liked You Better Before
06. LOL
07. Cryin’ For The Queen
08. Black Barbie
09. One Love
10. The Kitchen
11. Go Hard Or Go Home

My stand-out tracks highlighted in Bold Red above.

Fantasticunt album rating:

5.5 mums out of 10

Video: Black Barbie

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