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September 22, 2008

For the record, THIS was my favourite song of 2007 even from the moment I heard crap-quality YouTube live footage of it’s first performed unveiling late last Summer.

I said back then (and I paraphrase), it’s like etheral Pharcyde vibes + boyish Souls of Mischief flows: a perfect throwback to early Leftcoast and I fly away on it every time.

The remix is decent, bit late, but decent (mastered poorly though).  Pharrell ego-trips it (though I like the “Neptune’s trident” quip). Q-Tip firmly belonged on this beat though, that’s relative.

Nonetheless the additional Jazz/Lounge reworking is the real gem here. Where’s badman Richard Cheese when you need him?

Lupe Fiasco feat. Pharrell, Q-Tip & Sarah Green – Paris, Tokyo (Remix)
[Link Deleted by Request From Copyright Holder]

Lupe Fiasco feat. Chris & Denise Paultre – Paris, Tokyo (Live Jazz Mix)
[Link Deleted by Request From Copyright Holder]


“I turn to see my dream, Love Supreme queen, meanest thing on the scene, cry…”

I challenge you to tell me Lupe is not a great emcee.

Video: Paris, Tokyo (Original Version)

J-Rawls – A Tribute To The Beatnuts

September 22, 2008

Just been shot over this brand new exclusive J-Rawls joint from the forthcoming Liquid Crystals Project Vol. 2 (dropping in Europe this week, and the US in October).


I’m intensely diggin’ the fly, jazzy, reinterpretation of the classic Beatnuts bumper ‘Off The Books’. Rawls has a knack for honey-dripping melodies (evident on such early works as his production of Blackstar’s heartwarming ‘Brown Skin Lady’).

Props to Rah over at soulBEAUTIFUL, holdin’ it down for international Soul and Hip-Hop artists touring in the UK. Hit them up if you require intelligent distribution, promotion & event management in the UK. They handle Eric Roberson and Miles Bonney amongst others as clients and let’s be honest, SB’s got London’s Soul community locked. Plus they come recommended courtesy of… well, me.

Links only valid for a limited time, cop now.

A Tribute To The Beatnuts
Mediafire Download Link


Also peep ‘A Tribute To Dilla’ that sensually flips SV’s ‘Playas’ and can be found on The Liquid Crystal Project Vol. 1.

A Tribute To Dilla
Mediafire Download Link


Giovanca – Subway Silence

August 15, 2008

I stumbled upon this in the morning. And became embroiled in it’s whimsy (the grim, dark bastard within was slapped with a soapy flannel). Airy, bodouir-bound soul for the ripe and glamourous. Lovely stuff, from this winsome voiced and strikingly dusky young lady from Amsterdam. Christ, it’s no secret I fucking love the Dutch. Emigration, soon come, soon come.

Right, off your periods, and onto this you go.


01. On My Way
02. Joyride
03. Hypnotize You
04. A Matter Of Facts…
05. Melancholic You
06. Pure Bliss
07. Moving Me
08. You Can Do It
09. Free
10. To The Moon
11. Stay Together
12. U Again

My stand-out tracks highlighted in Bold Red above.

Video: On My Way

Fantasticunt LP rating:

7.5 mums out of 10

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Samon Kawamura – Unfold

August 5, 2008

Tokyo-born, Berlin-based producer & turntabilist’s sophomore LP full of faraway grooves and fertile, unprocessed vibrations oozing underneath a fantastic support cast like my mans Kev Brown, Oh No, Aloe Blacc and Ta’Raach… exceedingly recommended listening.


01. Intro
02. Sugar Hill feat. Om’Mas (from SA-RA Creative Partners)
03. Love And Sex
04. Still Significant feat. Kev Brown
05. 0804-005
06. Right Here feat. Oh No
07. Morioka Sunset (JS Love)
08. Night Will Fall
09. Interlude
10. Try feat. Aloe Blacc
11. Let’s Do It
12. Lovelude feat. Ta’Raach
13. Get down feat. Ta’Raach
14. No te puedo ver feat. Laura Lopez Castro
15. Y.W.A.G.D
16. cp2sk feat. Christian Prommer
17. Playground
18. Outro

My stand-out tracks highlighted in Bold Red above.

Video: No Te Puedo Ver

Fantasticunt album rating:

8 mums out of 10

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